What A Wild NFL Weekend!!!!

Well… Week 18 has come and gone and did it leave with a bang. This weekend’s NFL games did not let us football fans down, not one bit. I watched all 4 games, and I honestly felt like I could watch 4 more games (spoken like a true NFL junkie lol).

So let’s take a look back at each game and highlight the good and bad moments of each

Atlanta 24, Arizona 30

Highlight of the Game: The resurgence of the Edge. Edgerrin James finally came out of hibernation, having 16 rushing attempts for 73 yards. Just a few days prior, James stated that he didn’t envision himself coming back to the Cards, stating that he was, “not an offensive lineman”, meaning he was not going to just block people. He wanted to run. Head coach Ken Whisenhunt finally listened to him. He showed why he was more than just a blocking running back

Lowlight of the Game: With 12:44 left in the 4th quarter,Matt Ryan gets sacked in the end zone, orchestrated by DE Antonio Smith, which gives the Cards a safety. Not only does it suck that Ryan & Co gave the Cards more points and basically started adding nails to the coffin of the Falcons season, DE Darnell Dockett gets sexual molested by one of the referees in the game, trying to break up the celebration in the end zone. This is borderline Cinemax At Night activity going on. You don’t believe me, watch this clip……

Lowlight of the Game: Chad Pennington. Four interceptions, when he only threw 7 all season. I actually like Chad Pennington…I do. And I actually felt kind of bad for him. He was flat out embarrassed by the Ravens defense. He’s a good player, and seems like a better person. But yesterday he found out he needed to play his position… and that wasn’t against this defense

What Did I Learn: All week we kept hearing how Miami lead the league in turnover ratio and protecting, blah..blah..blah.. Well the Ravens lead the the league too. In takeaways. While everyone loved the story of a 1-15 team making a total turn around, they showed that their glass slipper was way too small past midnight, and their carriage of a season turned into one big pumpkin. Better luck next year, though

Philadelphia 26, Minnesota 14

Highlight of the Game: For most of the game, Westbrook looked ineffective and defeated. And McNabb look like he was running out options. Then, out of no where, Brian Westbrook finally broke one against that stingy Vikings defense, with a 71 yard pass for a TD to seal the deal in the Iggles win. One of the sweetest plays of the game, especially since the Vikes were able to contain him. Westbrook is a beast, even when we think he’s not. I’m officially sold.

Lowlight of the Game: Tavaris Jackson’s interception. Philly CB Samuel jumped all over the pass, taking it back for the TD. That was bad, but what was worse was Jackson thinking he was really gonna actually try to tackle one of Philly’s D linemen to try and stop them from scoring. It looked worse than the outcome (Jackson was okay afterwards), but what a dumb move. Know Your Role! You are a QB, Tavaris. Not a linebacker. Know your role……

What Did I Learn: It’s not just Adrian Peterson that’s a big factor for Minnesota. Once S Darren Sharper went out for the Vikes with an injury, McNabb started rolling. But who am I kidding, I never thought that the Vikings was that great of a playoff team to begin with

What To Watch This Week: BCS Championship Thursday night on Fox. Oklahoma against Florida. I think this will be a great game. Two very quarterbacks, both winning Heisman Trophies as underclassmen. Explosive skilled players and that SEC defense people, like myself, love.

I don’t think this will be a blowout, but it’ll be a shootout. In the end, I think the Gators will pull it out, simply because their defense is better. Gators 42, Sooners 38

And just so you know, I could care less about tonight’s Fiesta Bowl between Ohio State and Texas. The Buckeyes don’t impress me at all. I saw their true colors when Chris “Beenie” Wells went out, so they’ll be lucky if the Longhorns only score 40 points.

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