The college football season has come and gone, with last night’s BCS Championship game between Oklahoma and Florida. And it didn’t disappoint us.
But with every college football season, comes the annual topic to discuss: Why isn’t there a playoff system in college football? Not a year goes by without some regular guy or some ESPN expert having this lengthy discussion that, I for one, am tired of hearing.

I am supporter of having a playoff system in college football. I hate the BCS system and I’ve made up my own acronyms as to what it means. It could mean Best Controversy Standing, or it could mean Big Crock of S%$@. But ya know what people??? There won’t be changes anytime soon… time to live with this reality. At least, not in 2009

So I decided to tell you why there won’t be a playoff system anytime soon, all while paying homage to one of my favorite Wu Tang Clan songs, which actually has some parallel points that support my reasoning.

So I wrote a blog about it. Like to hear it… hear it goes….

Reason #1- Money, money, money, money…….MONEY

Okay, so I’m gonna go on a wing here and assume that, if someone said to you, “Hey, I’ll pay you a dumb amount of money for you to name your event after my business for promotion purposes”, most of us would smile real hard and say, “OKAY!” and dance a jig, like so….Dance a Jig Pictures, Images and Photos

So imagine what the NCAA said to them when corporate sponsors came up with this bright idea to do the same. Now look, I think the Chick-Fil-A, Papajohns.com and Alamo Bowls are all stupid. Usually they are teams that are a bunch of losers anyway that get these bowl invitations as some kind of consolation prize. But, according to the Wu Tang Clan, Cash Rules Everything Around Me… C.R.E.A.M. get the money… dolla dolla bill y’all… Okay, you got my point at Cash Rules…. But I love that song and had a petty moment, feeling the need to quote the most famous line in that song. No one turns down money, no one. Point them out to me and I’ll tell you they’re either full of crap or some part of the 7th sign that this world is ending. If regular people don’t see the need to turn down money, I doubt very seriously the NCAA will follow suit… Just stating the facts, people…..

Reason#2- Scoring Rules In College Football

What does that mean you ask? Well the NFL and college football are 2 totally different beasts. While the NFL wants to be an offense driven sport, it simply isn’t. Too many good defenses are becoming key in the pros, as opposed to have high powered offenses. Ask Peyton Manning what it was like to have a Super Bowl caliber offense for years, with guys on the other side that can’t even stop a nose bleed, nonetheless a quality wide receiver.

In College, however, scoring points is king. While the overall record is an indicator of who’s ranked in the bowl standings, how bad the beat their opponent is just as important. I won’t lie, the main reason I started watching college is because I saw points being scored, something that you can’t always say you see every week in the NFL. A more-than-likely college score of 55-48, is something that’s highly unlikely in the NFL, unless both teams turned the ball over a combined 18 times and the defense is worse than the smell of halitosis (which, by-the-way, is god awful). The more you beat your opponent to a pulp, the better your chances are at getting to one of the 4 major bowl games. I saw an unofficial stat (but probably slightly accurate), that the average points scored in an NFL were 40.2 points. Oklahoma averaged 54 points this year. Like I said, coring point is king in college

Reason #3- The Hot Topic At The Water Cooler

If you’re a sports fan, then you already know this is the hot topic every year beginning in November. People whos Alma maters are undefeated but sitting at #6 in the BCS standings start complaining. Others start talking about why USC is better then people give credit for, why The SEC conference is overrated, blah, blah, blah… Excuses and hating are at an all time high when these convos start

Don’t you think the NCAA knows this? It’s great publicity for the sport. If they start a playoff system now, not only will they lose money but they will lose the annual hype about why there should be a playoff system. A D list celebrity once said, “No publicity= bad publicity”. Paris Hilton, the NCAA heard you loud and clear and agrees with that statement. Having coaches and a computer choose who plays for the national championship means that college football is still relevant. That, my friends, is the perfect cliffhanger that most sports don’t have.

In conclusion, my advice to you is this….. Stop Your Freaking Whining!!!! It’s not gonna change, so get over it! And NO! President-elect Obama is not going to help you. Why,you ask?? UUhhhh, because he has better things to do then to listen to you cry babies complain about the system isn’t fair. Life isn’t fair!
cry baby Pictures, Images and Photos

The BCS….. Because Cash Speaks!!

OT: My Hillbilly Crush Of College- Tim Tebow
I’ve already expressed my NFL Hillbilly crush on Philip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers. Well, I have a college crush as well. None other than Mr. Heisman himself, Florida QB Tim Tebow. A well noted devoted christian, when Tebow is on the football field, he’s a totally different person. His antics are quite Satanic, getting way too fired up and drawing unsportsmanlike penalties (like he did last night). But I won’t lie, something about that makes me smile, and hard. He’s the typical athlete’s version of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, but I love it! There’s nothing hotter than a man firing up his teammates and his home crowd. Hats off to you Mr. Tebow. May the force be with you
tim tebow Pictures, Images and Photos tim tebow Pictures, Images and Photos Photobucket

This message was brought to you by, The NFL Chick (c), 2009

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