2009 Pro Bowl vs 2009 Grammys- Which Was Better?

Okay, so I did something I said I wouldn’t do and watched the Pro Bowl, or at least tried to (I say every year that I won’t watch. But like a train wreck… you want to turn away but simply can’t).

Once the Pro Bowl was over, I turned my attention to the 2009 Grammy Awards. I wanted to see what the hype was about. I’m sure many of you football fans, like myself, watched both just to stay occupied.

So let’s look at what was the better entertainment for the evening.

Pro Bowl Highlights of the Evening- There weren’t many, really. The AFC came out strong with Peyton Manning as the General in the 1st half. But with every AFC QB that followed, the quality went down a notch. Manning continues to show that he is in a class of his own (well, you can add Brady to that list, but he wasn’t there, now, was he?!).

Once he left the game, the NFC slowly started to find their rhythm.

One of the best highlights was Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald. With the 1st half closing, Drew Brees threw a 46 yard pass and to no surprise, Fitzgerald caught it with stride. It was a really good play that let the NFC catch up to the AFC, 14-10.

The 2nd TD pass that Fitzgerald caught was just as good. The ball sat in mid air which seemed like, forever. He jumped up right over Titans CB Cortland Finnegan’s head and got the 2 yard TD. He was definitely deserving of the MVP title he received in the end, as the NFC defeated the AFC 30-21.


The last highlight that I thought was pretty interesting was the trickery play from the AFC in the 4th quarter. Most call it the “fumble rooski”, regarding the play that put Ravens FB Le’Ron McClain in the end zone. Nonetheless, it was creative and fun to watch. If you missed it, here it goes:

Grammy’s Highlights of the Evening- There were a few, and it was pretty good. First off, Whitney Houston came out and looked GREAT! I love Whitney (or as my friends and I call her, Whitty Hutton, from the TV show “Martin”), so to see her looking great and healthy was a highlight for me.

There were also some great performances. Jennifer Hudson did very well, I enjoyed her set. I also enjoyed Al Green and Justin Timberlake singing Green’s songs.

Coldplay had a good performance, which included Jay Z as a special guest during their performance (I love that song Viva La Vida, by-the-way).

But the highlight of the night is a split decision for me. Adele was very persuasive and why she won the Best New Artist with her perfomance. The other performance that I appreciated was Jaime Foxx and Ne-Yo alongside Smokey Robinson and Duke Fakir. I’m a sucker for “old school music” and I think old schoolers still know how to jam like they did in their prime. Jamie Foxx and Ne-Yo both are very good performers themselves. The combo was a perfect fit.

Pro Bowl Lowlights of the Evening- Oh goodness, where do I begin??? Let’s start with those lame interviews from Tiki Barber and Andrea Kramer. Now Kramer is excusable. She was trying to make something out of nothing, because the Pro Bowl sucks and has no real story lines. But Tiki asking his brother Ronde if he thought he felt more accomplished than him? I could care less.

You guys are twin brothers. Discuss this petty conversation over Sunday dinner. But don’t waste my time, please and thanks.

Another thing that bother me was every interview was mainly to free agents asking them where did they want to go next year. And the players kept giving the same diplomatic answers, “Well, I want to stay here, so we’ll see. But anyone that wants me…” Bullcrap. You know you want to really say, “Screw you [insert team here] for not signing me before my contract expired. But I’ll show you, I’m about to get PIZZ-AIIDD”. Please save it.
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Other lowlights of the game…. Ummm, pretty much everything. Defenses at the Pro Bowl can’t blitz, they can’t stunt… they can’t do anything interesting. No sighting of Polamalu’s hair whisking in the wind at the line of scrimmage (which is something that is out-of-character, almost). Oh and the halftime show with Enrique Iglesias and Ciara was a great bathroom break for most folks. The game was a snoozer!

Grammy’s Lowlights of the Evening-
Oh, the Grammys did have it’s bad moments, mixed up with the good ones. First off. Kanye…. What the hell is wrong with you??? He reminds me of a Full Force reject from the 80’s with that Jheri Curl mullet.
Photobucket Photobucket

I’m sorry but wherever he dropped his mind off, I’m going to need him to go back and get it. Clearly he’s lost something. His partner-in-crime Estelle looked even worse with both of them looking like 2 disco balls. One wrong spotlight angle and they could’ve blinded the whole theater

As bad as Kanye looked, I don’t know if he was worse than artist M.I.A. With her dude date the day of the Grammy’s, she still found a way to perform with T.I., Jay Z, Lil Wayne and Kanye for the “Swagger Like Us” song. She looked like a ghetto Tele Tubbie. I think pregnant women are beautiful, but I thought her outfit was dumb. And her red carpet outfit was just as bad. Please someone, get this woman a stylist and a hospital bed!!!


Last but not least, Stevie Wonder and the Jones Brothers. It was like mixing oil and vinegar.Sorry, i thought it sucked

While the Grammys lowlights were very noticeable, they win this battle by a landslide. Honestly, The only reason why I added the Grammys to this equation is because this is a football blog and the Pro Bowl was so dead, a blog about nothing but the game couldn’t live on its own. It needed another program to prove, yet again, how lame the Pro Bowl is and how pointless it is to use airtime for it.

Guess you’d have to be in Hawaii to enjoy it. Oh well…….. better luck next year in Miami, NFL…..

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Okay, who am I kidding………….

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