Bye Bye, C Mac… Nice Knowing You!!

I just got word that one of the most controversial Ravens has been let go. No it’s not Ray Lewis… and No it’s not Jamal Lewis either, he’s gone already.

Mr. CB himself, Chris McAlister AKA C Mac has been given his walking papers today, and to no surprise to many Ravens fans in the Baltimore area. As a fan of the team, this was the inevitable.

Chris McAllister Pictures, Images and Photos

McAlister was a great talent. He was an asset to the team coming straight out of Arizona. McAlister was one of the last current Ravens players to play in Super Bowl XXXV, with Ray Lewis and Matt Stover the only 2 remaining players.

With great talent also came a great big headache. The 10 year vet was always known as a rebellious player who followed his own rules. During former head coach Brian Billick’s tenure, McAlister was suspended and sent home from a game against the San Diego Chargers, allegedly for going to visit his family in his hometown in nearby Pasadena and not telling anyone of his plans do to so, or his whereabouts.

Once Billick was fired and John Harbaugh took over the team, it was no secret that C Mac and the new coach did not see eye to eye on many things, which led to Harbaugh’s benching of him during Week 7 against the Miami Dolphins. McAlister ended up going on Injured Reserve shortly after and it was then that speculation starting swirling, wondering if C Mac would return following the 2008 season.

Chris Mc Calister Pictures, Images and Photos

While the relationship wasn’t always a smooth one, it was a pretty consistent one. His best year in my memory( and ironically his contract year) was the 2003 season, when he dominated at the CB position. He shut down about every wide receiver he played against that year, including 49ers Terrell Owens and the Rams’ Torry Holt, both ver ygood players during that time.

With the Ravens looking to sign at least 2 of their 3 starting LBs who are all up for free agency next week, along with other players, the Ravens could use the $8 million they save with the release of McAlister

When asked today by a local media personality, C Mac stated,

“I’m still dealing with the shock of the whole thing,” McAlister told 105.7 FM today. “I can’t imagine this happened. I never thought it would happen.”

He was a great player, but it was clear his time to leave had come. I’m not saddened at all, mainly because I didn’t have a real fan connection to McAlister like I do with the Reeds, Lewises, and Suggs’ of the team.

While the Ravens have NO real depth at CB at the time of his release, it’s the right thing to do. The Ravens know they can’t allow one player to derail what their plans are, and that’s to be Super Bowl Champions. C Mac will find another job and do well for a couple more years, IF he is motivated to do such.

Hopefully, his time in Charm City was one he won’t forget. Bye Bye, C Mac…. Nice knowing you!!!!


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