NFL Week One Recap

I love the NFL. I really love the NFL… Did I already say that I love the NFL?! Like, really??? There is never a dull moment, ever! And Week One didn’t disappoint. Let’s recap what happened during Sunday’s games:

-The Ravens almost gave me a damn heart attack yesterday with their 38-24 victory over the Chiefs. While the defense only gave up 188 total yards, 14 points came off of a blocked punt and an INT by Joe Flacco that put the Chiefs on the Ravens’ 2 yard line. I almost dialed 911 about 3 times during the second half, but my boys held on. Congrats to my boy, Bobblehead Flacco for his first 300-yard game and the Ravens first ever 500 yard performance.
Next up, them Chargers!

– I refuse to pick Carolina any damn more, unless there is a change at QB. Jake Delhomme continued what we saw in the Divisional playoffs in 2008 with all of those turnovers. I actually picked them to beat Philly since they were at home. I feel like a dummy.

-*side note* The Iggles need to call either Garcia or Feely now that McNabb has broken ribs. Vick can’t play until Week 3 and McNabb is doubtful for next week’s game. And I’m sorry but Kolb would scare me, remember the last pass he threw during the regular season:

– How come Adrian Peterson has 25 rushes for 180 yards, but I keep hearing about old azz Brett Favre? Sport media PLEASE stop this Favre Madness. AD was the man, give him his respect. Favre’s numbers were average, at best. Sitchoazz down, Favre!

-Okay New Orleans is showing why picking them as a Super Bowl team wasn’t such a bad idea. Granted, it was the Detroit Lions… but 6 TD from Drew Brees… one word… WOW!!!

-Congrats to Rex Ryan and the New York Jets for their win over Houston. Rex is a good guy and deserved it. But ummm… Houston.. people actually LIKE you to do well… You aren’t building a case. Well, at least your cheerleaders showed up and gave a show, right?!

-Poor St Louis… a goose egg during Week 1… How sad😦

-Hail To The Redskins!!! Oh wait… I have to wait another week before I say that. My bad…. Go Gmen! Yeah, that’s it….

-I picked San Fran in my pool, so of course I was happy I got ONE upset right when they beat the Cards. It was an exciting game, particularly during final minutes. I love Mike Singletary and I hope the 49ers can feed off of his will and determination.

-*side note* Is Jordin Sparks the official Nat’l Anthem singer? She doesn’t have anything else to do, like make an album or go on tour?! Girl BYE!
– Feeling some kind of way about Peyton tying up Johnny U for most “franchise” wins.. but I won’t let my pettiness affect me too much. Good game Colts and congrats to Manning.

– Every time Jay Cutler threw an INT, I snickered. It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of him, so I found last night’s performance kind of humorous (sorry, Bears fans).
Cutler had a Grossman-esque performance last night. I’m sure he’ll get better as the season goes on, he’s a good QB. But damn, he stunk it up last night.. tee hee hee…

– Much props to Atlanta, but Miami killed themselves yesterday. Only 13 turnovers total in 2008 but 4 in one game against the Falcons. Not a good way to start the season.

– I’m being quite frank here, Dallas beat the Bucs, did we think anything else was gonna happen? I don’t think most folks outside of Tampa thought differently. But at this point, the Bucs look better than the Panthers, particularly at the QB position, so that helps.

– The best part about the Broncos-Bengals game? Gus Johnson. Y’all know I love me some him, so his call during the Broncos TD was priceless. I swear, that game seemed like a snooze until that play. And Johnson’s commentating made it seem like it was the Super Bowl. How can you NOT like Gus Johnson?!

4 thoughts on “NFL Week One Recap”

  1. Great post! Yes, I too suffered some heart palpitations and premature aging watching the Ravens yesterday. For as much as they dominated the game, it should never have gotten that close.LOL at Gus Johnson. He makes every event he calls sound like a championship game! I especially love it when he's working March Madness.


  2. Us Panther's fans are totally fractured. I'm on the pull Delhomme bus and don't plan on getting off anytime soon. When you play like he did you need to sit your butt down and have a time out.


  3. Great recap. After preseason I was really concerned about my Falcons' defense, but the guys did not disappoint. Either that or Miami just mailed it in. I'm going to go with the former…and playing Delhomme this week will make our defense look GREAT!


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