Gridiron Gals and Terrell Suggs Weekend Recap- Pics

Hey there fam. I’ve been hiding some news from you, but now it’s time I reveal what I’ve been up to. I just debuted my baby last week, and she’s beautiful!!

Okay, I didn’t have a REAL baby… But I have a new website that I treat like a brand new baby. Myself and Pigskin Loving Lady came up with this website, Gridiron Gals, to showcase women who love football, and who actually KNOW what they are talking about. We came up with the idea because we knew there were so many women who loved football as much as we do, and wanted to express football related thoughts and analysis on a website. So we put our brains together and our baby, Gridiron Gals, was born.

We have over a dozen female bloggers, which is something we’re extremely proud of, for starting a brand new website. And it makes it better for the guys that we’re pretty cute too! Each female blogs about their favorite team. We have teams such as the Cowboys, Steelers, Giants and Bills cover, just to name a few. Of course, the NFL Chick is blogging about one of the best organizations in the NFL, the Baltimore Ravens *flex muscles*.
So check out all of my Ravens thoughts over at and let me know what you think.

Suggs Celebrity Weekend


So Terrell Suggs’ celebrity weekend has come and gone and looked to be a great success. Suggs’ Weekend was to raise money for the Proudford Sickle Cell Fund. He brought in a plethora of celebrity friends to help make this an event folks wouldn’t forget.

You can see more pics by clicking here to check out who else came to this star studded event

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