NFL Week 7 Recap And Thoughts

This was the Ravens bye week, and lemme tell you…. it’s a great feeling to watch other games and not care who wins either way. For the first time in weeks, I haven’t been nervous, anxious or had heartburn on a Sunday. No nail biting, no squirming, no face in my palms… nothing! Don’t get me wrong, I loved the fact that I had no vested interest in none of the teams I watched on Sunday (well, except the Steelers and the Bengals, since we are in the same division). But I wouldn’t trade in my anxiety and heartburn for anything. I love my squad and I’m glad they play the Broncos this Sunday. Okay, I’m more nervous than glad, but you get my point.

I don’t know about you, but this weekend’s games were pretty boring. With the exception of the Vikings/Steelers game and the Saints/Dolphins game, all of the other games were pretty much blah! I mean, it was blow city during Week 7 of the NFL season. But nonetheless, there are always things to talk about. This is the NFL!

-The Diva has arrived!! Michael Crabtree played in Sunday’s game against the Texans, and had an impressive debut.
I think 5 receptions for 56 yards is pretty good, considering he averaged a first down per catch. It seems as though all of that overshadowed QB Shaun Hill’s awful first half, in which Former #1 pick Alex Smith came in and played well in relief. Is Smith FINALLY gonna be the QB in San Fran? We shall see.

-The same teams that stunk last week, still stink. Shout out to the Browns, Rams, Titans, Bucs, Chiefs and Panthers for being consistent. You pretty much play bad every week. But there is always good news. There is no where to go but up. If you’re a fan of any team I named, keep ya head up.

-Watching the Bears/Bengals game made me feel bad for the people in Chicago. I’m not a fan and I was humiliated for them. And I could sit here and make an excuse about, Cutler needs protection, he needs a true #1 WR, etc. But when do we start to see if the problem lies within CUTLER???? I’m just saying……

-Good for Cedric Benson. That game was huge for him, to go against his former team and play as well as he did (37 car, 189 yards).

-Laugh of the Day: Adrien Peterson running over Steelers DB William Gay like a steam roller. Check out my boy Ed The Sports Fan’s site about the death of William Gay. Hilarious! After that play, I would’ve died too!

-Laugh of the Day #2- The Vikings player knocking down the ref during Percy Harvin’s kickoff TD… I’m sorry but the way the refs have officiated this season, this one was a-coming.

-JaMarcus Russell is a bum. Point blank! Let’s not lie to ourselves any longer.

-Funniest WTF moment of the day: Mark Sanchez eating a damn hot dog during the Jets shellacking of the Raiders, 38-0. It was so rude, yet so funny. What made it even funnier, was Sanchez calling himself, being discreet about it. Excuse me, but he must not have watched a lot of NFL Films, while at USC. The cameras catch just about EVERYTHING! Now, if this was the punter or a special team player, no one would have cared. But he’s the franchise QB. C’mon Son!

-Mile Austin is a beast! But I do wonder, how long will his greatness last?! You have to know that defenses will start scheming for him in the coming weeks. And if there is a game that Austin struggles, then what?! Oh wait, Roy Williams is there. Oh, nevamind……………

– And the GOAT of the Week Award goes to…..*drumroll* The Miami Dolphins for laying a real big egg in their loss to New Orleans. How are you up 24-10 at the half and then play not to lose, against the Saints??! Then you allow New Orleans to score 22 unanswered points in the 4th qtr alone! See, this is why not many people like underdogs. They always seem to find a way to screw it up.

*extra point* Was anyone else happy for Ricky Williams?! Even with a loss, he played extremely well.

-With all of that said, New Orleans is VERY scary to watch.

-Watching the Redskins play is a sad sight to see. And I’m not even being funny here. They can’t catch a break, it seems. Last night’s game against Philly was no different. I thought they would stand up to all the backlash they received from the media and fans, and I was wrong.
Turnover after turnover and the loss of TE Chris Cooley ultimately led to an Eagles win, 27-17. The Redskins haven’t scored more than 17 points in every game they played, and that includes games against awful winless teams. Who knows what it will take to turn this team around, but we won’t find out the answer until the season is over.

-Did anyone see WR DeSean Jackson doing the “jerk” dance after his 2nd TD? Classic!

-Before the start of the 2009 season, I wrote a blog about why the AFC would continue to dominate the NFC. And I caught a lot of flack about it. But listen up people: The NFL Chick isn’t the best at picking games, but she IS good about everything else football related. Let’s face it, I am!. Listen to this fact. The Top 5 QBs in passing yards are all AFC QBs. The Top 5 in TD passes: All AFC QB’s. The Top 5 in QB rating: 3 are AFC QB’s. For WR’s it’s pretty much the same, 4 out of 5 WRs leading the league in receptions are AFC WRs. The player with the most yards from scrimmage: An AFC player (Ray Rice, Ravens). The last 3 undefeated teams standing, 2 are AFC teams. I’m sure you can make a great case about the NFC. And while I do believe the gap is closing fast thanks to the Saints and the Giants, the AFC still has the powerhouses. To be fair, the NFC is dominate on defense right now.. but hey, I got 2 out of 3 right. That should count for something.

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