Hines Ward, Sitchoazz Down!!!!

Last night, Bob Costas did an interview with Steelers WR Hines Ward about playing with concussions in the NFL, particularly about fellow teammate Ben Roethlisberger, who suffered a concussion the week before in Kansas City. What happened next was sort of surreal… unbelievable, if you will.

Ward went on the record to say that about half of the Steelers locker room think it’s a “50/50 toss up”, saying that the players thought Ben should have been able to play. Ward mentioned that Ben had practiced during the week, expecting to play and made comments such as, “It’s just a concussion”.

To be quite frank, Ward is a dumb ass. The NFL is not taking the issue of concussions lightly anymore, and they shouldn’t. For a teammate to question his ability to play is crazy. Football is a violent game, but it’s only one aspect of the players lives. When a player retires, life goes on. And for a player with multiple concussions, that could be difficult. Memory loss, emotional and behavioral issues and even impaired judgment can all be a factor from a person who has suffered a concussion.

Ben has always been dubbed as a drama queen when it has come to his injuries. There’s always been this huge cloud on whether Ben will play leading up until game time, but he was absolutely right on sitting this one out. Ben’s latest concussion makes 3 since he’s been in the league. Allowing him to rest and get better was a huge step to the NFL taking this concussion epidemic seriously. Love him or hate him, I don’t think you could ever question Ben’s toughness. I’ve seen Ben take huge hits and still get up to make plays.

For Hines Ward to throw Ben under the bus was asinine and ignorant. Ward is a father himself. I can’t imagine he’d be pleased if he couldn’t remember key moments in his child’s life, all because he didn’t sit out when he had a concussion. While I understand he wanted his best player on the field in a huge division rival game, his words were extremely selfish.

Hines Ward, sitcho selfish azz down!

4 thoughts on “Hines Ward, Sitchoazz Down!!!!”

  1. Haaaaaaaaaa…I was watching the interview, but not really paying attention to what he was saying. I'll have to catch Sportscenter later on to be able to get the whole effect. I would listen to it on here, but my laptop sucks.


  2. I understand giving your opinion and being a straight shooter, but he comes off wayy out of line with his comments. If he knew there was a split in the locker room, he should have kept that to himself and mentioned it in house. Of course, he has since backed away from the comments, saying he has apologized to Ben.


  3. Like i said before, i think Hines was speaking from emotion and not thinking straight.Plus as a teammate there's a degree to keeping it 100 that only teammates appreciate. Telling like it is is sometimes harsh, but necessary. Nice post, always good to get a "sitchoazz" post from you lol…-Ed.


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