What The NFL Schedule Means To You

Football lovers, fanatics and fiends…. it’s April! And two great NFL events happen in April (and NO I am not referring to the McNabb trade as one of them). Yes, I am talking about the NFL Draft and the release of the NFL schedule.

This is one of the most exciting times of the offseason. It’s the time we start looking at who we play, when we play them, as well as our draft picks and counting down the days to training camp. If you live and breathe football, this is a month of good fortune.

With the release of the 2010 schedule coming out soon (blog sites and message board have been saying it will be released the end of the week or the beginning of next week, before the NFL Draft), there are a few things hardcore fans go through every single year. You know you’re an NFL when you do one or all of the following things listed below:

Play The “Win-Loss” Game

Every year when the schedule comes out, I take a look at it for a few minutes and play the guesstimate game. I guess how many wins and losses the Ravens will have in the upcoming season. Now, usually I’m wrong as hell. Only a few times have I been close to being right (2006 is the last season that comes to mind, when I predicted they would be 12-4…. they were 13-3). But nevertheless, it’s something I do. The way you determine wins and losses can be as simple as thinking you’re better/worse than your opponent. Or it could mean you get real technical and factor in injuries and the schedule during a certain stretch. In any event, you do this and share your predictions with friends or message boards and compare. I don’t know who came up with this idea. But it keeps people going until the NFL Draft the following week.

Potential Away Game Locations
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If you’re like me, you love going to away games. It’s a 2-for-1 deal in my opinion. You get to take a weekend getaway out-of-town and you get to see your favorite team play in the process. Many of you already have vacation time set aside strictly for away games, all you need is the NFL schedule to come out so you can put in the time with your employer. Travel agencies and airlines pry on this date as well, as they know the interest peaks in certain cities during the NFL season, so football packages and flight inflation occur right after the schedule is released. I won’t lie.. I’m waiting on the schedule release so I can confirm my arrangements for a potential away game as we speak. There is nothing like going to an away game and proudly displaying your teams colors in another team’s stadium.

Plan Parties/Getaways Around Must-See Games

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I don’t make this stuff up, y’all. Yes, people actually to plan their actual life around the NFL season. If you think I’m lying, then think again. I’ve come across people who tried to change wedding plans, birthday parties and even some vacations due to a football game. If you’re a Cowboys fan and you know they play the Redskins on October 22nd, you steer clear of any special events on that date, just so you can post up and watch watch your team play. One year, I planned my son’s birthday party during the first week of the NFL season. Worst mistake of my life. People brought in handheld TVs and radios and didn’t pay their kids any mind, they were so into the game. If anyone says this sounds absurd, they’re probably right. Now if anyone says this doesn’t happen, then they are either naive as hell or they are a liar.
To my fellow NFL friends, the schedule will be out soon. You will be free to plan all of your birthday gatherings, anniversaries, events, vacations and predictions when we finally know who our favorite team plays and when they play them. Are you ready for some football???? I sure am. Bring on the schedule!!!!

4 thoughts on “What The NFL Schedule Means To You”

  1. i so co-sign with this list. if i every tried to plan something on an NFL Sunday (Monday, Thursday or Saturday), the following people would revoke my family card: Mom, Older Sis, Older Bro, Younger Bro and Nephew. I like my family. LOL.


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