Really Vince Young??? REALLY?!

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the news about Titans QB Vince Young’s brush with the law. On Saturday night, Young got into a fight at the Onyx Club in Dallas. Young was since given a citation for the incident.

Apparently the story goes like this , according to Dallas News:

“There was a conversation going on between Mr. Young and several people inside the office,” said Dallas police Lt. Craig Miller, acting commander of the Crimes Against Persons Division. “One of the [club employees] makes a gesture contradictory to the University of Texas, the ‘Hook ’em’ sign upside down. This obviously made Mr. Young upset.”

If you’ve missed the recorded fight, here’s a look:


When will these athletes learn???

I have a colleague who is a UT alum, and I talked to him briefly about this. He says that anyone that’s an Aggies or Sooner fan can do that, and it will REALLY ruffle a Texas alum’s feathers. Could get down right violent, even. Being that the person attacked was allegedly from Oklahoma, let’s assume he was a Sooner fan/alum. My colleague says that’s grounds for an ass whupping…. (Thanks Bill!)


My colleague also says the following, “When you’re a guy like me.. you’d probably get into a fight. When you’re a guy like Vince Young… you have to learn how to let it go.”

Couldn’t have said it any better.

Vince Young is an idiot. Maybe he should find a hobby to get into… and I don’t mean “making it rain” in strip clubs (which Onyx is). Players are constantly targeted by Joe Schmos, for whatever reason. To see if they can beat you physically, to get some money from you, or simply to brag amongst friends. But whatever the reason, players have bulls eyes on their back wherever they go. Does that mean that players shouldn’t be able to live their life and do the things they enjoy? Of course not. But it also means that you have to think about everything you SAY and DO. Someone is always listening and watching your every move. And when you slip up, it becomes news. If Vince Young the barber gets into a fight. It’s not newsworthy. If Vince Young the player does it, he’s facing a possible suspension from commissioner Goodell. Get it?? Got it?? GOOD!

Due to the incident, Young faces a $500 fine on a Class C misdemeanor charge. So you mean to tell me, you are about to get in trouble from your employer… and all you did was give someone a cut lip????


I’m sorry for laughing… Look, I’m glad that no one was seriously injured and walked away from this. But this just tells me someone hasn’t been hitting the weight room like they should. Vince Young needs to worry about being an NFL QB instead of worrying about defending an upside down hook-em sign. And from the looks of it, he’s having a time with both duties at hand.

Memo to Young: Remember who you are….. the QB for the Tennessee Titans. Any and everything you do will be reported as news. Learn to fight your battles….. Don’t throw your career away with a simple hand gesture.

2 thoughts on “Really Vince Young??? REALLY?!”

  1. I still feel bad for VY10, he's the only Longhorn I've ever been a fan of. It kinda shows how passionate he is about OU vs. Texas. Hell, if someone talks greasy about Oklahoma RIGHT NOW I might try to give em a 2-piece to the mouth. He's got to do better, but sadly i feel ol buddy. -Ed.


  2. Wonder what he's gonna do when he has a bad game at home and gets booed and some fans flip him off? Is he gonna fight? Clown!


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