L.T.- Go Sitchoazz Down!


Jets RB LaDainian Tomlinson talked with ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio about his new home in NY and revealed his new tattoo: A Jets logo with “2010-” below it, on his leg. Tomlinson also has a Chargers tattoo with the years 2001-2010 below, marking the duration of his career in San Diego, on his other leg. Tomlinson says the Chargers tattoo are marking the end of his SD career. The Jets tattoo is marking, “a new birth being born”in his career in NY.

Also during the interview, Tomlinson was asked that, if he wins a Super Bowl with the Jets and makes it to the NFL Hall Of Fame, does he go in as a Jet, or as a Charger? LT’s response:


LOL that was so cute… NOT!

I’ve always been a fan of LT. I think he’s one of the greater RBs of our modern NFL times. But he’s thrown me for a loop with this one. Getting a tattoo of your new squad is a bit extra, and Sal Paolantonio even notices it by saying he’s never seen a person get a tattoo so quickly after signing to a new squad. We get it… you want to move on from San Diego. But tatting yourself up before training camp seems to be kind of…well…pressed, actually.

What got me the most is the answer in which he gave Sal after the HOF question. I don’t care if he wins 3 Super Bowls with the Jets, he will always be remembered as a Charger first. His 2006 season (one of the best single seasons for a RB) was done as a Charger. A Super Bowl doesn’t change any of that. There’s nothing interesting about it, Tomlinson will go to Canton in powder blue- not gang green- and to not even acknowledge that is foolish at best.

LT go sitcho simple azz down!

3 thoughts on “L.T.- Go Sitchoazz Down!”

  1. Yeah… I think that's a bit Extra, let your work do the talking homie,and if you get 1000 yrds or even 1500 yrds this season then the Chargers will see they lost someone special… Tatoos by brother aren't gonna do it!


  2. Let that man live, there's nothing wrong in commemorating his football glory with a tattoo. Now I personally wouldn't do nothing like that, but I'm a man with ZERO tattoos so who cares. I think L.T.'s just feels a bit estranged from his relationship with San Diego and I totally understand. He's probably still bitter. He'll get over it, I hope he rips it up for the Jets. -Ed.


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