Dear LeBron: Art Modell Thanks You!

Former Browns/Ravens owner Art Modell is 85 years old and just happy to be alive right now. But if he were 10-15 years younger, he’d probably kiss LeBron James’ feet at this very moment. Why?? Because LeBron has just taken a heavy load off of Modell’s shoulders.

He is no longer the only hated man amongst the Cleveland, OH population.

Last night, during a 1 hour special, LeBron James told the world that he was making his decision on where to sign. And he chose South Beach, to join Dwayne Wade and the newly signed Chris Bosh to play with the Miami Heat. Immediately, fans began to get rowdy and upset at the Akron, OH native, by going in the streets and burning his jersey as ESPN played the video back to LeBron during his special (which I thought was beyond tacky on ESPN’s part… but I digress).

If that wasn’t bad enough, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert added fuel to the “I Hate Bron Bron” fire, telling the fans they don’t deserve this kind of, “cowardly betrayal”. Yeah, real nice, Gilbert. Don’t be mad when Cavs fans burn your arena down in the process.

Art Modell now can say he isn’t alone.. at least not for the time being. LeBron has currently taken the helm of, “Cleveland’s Most Wanted” and is on a race to become the new villain in that town. Don’t get it twisted, Modell will always be hated by the Browns faithful. But maybe folks can hate him a little less and at least allow him into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame, where he rightfully belongs.

If Art Modell could, he’d probably call LeBron right now and thank him for his decision to go to Miami. He can now say he’s no longer the lone Public Enemy in the city of Cleveland, and that says a LOT!

Thanks, Bron Bron….. Signed, Modell Management


One thought on “Dear LeBron: Art Modell Thanks You!”

  1. First I'm really sad for the city of Clevelandin loosing Lebron to Miami, I'm also sad the way the whole decision was scripted in waiting all the way up until 9:00 in the evening to pull this stunt called "The Decision" It's not that he made this decision be cause at the end of the day He has to make the best decision for himself and His family.It's how He made His decision on that major stage to tell the world that He will be leaving and going to South Beach! There's a saying that goes, "It's not what you say,it;s how you say it" With that being said, He has been there for seven years and hasn't produced a ring for the city of Cleveland. He still is in his prime and has to take that into consideration. The time is now for Lebron and the Miami heat to seize the moment! I want to see Lebron, Bosch, and Wade get one and several rings together! i do believe the city of Cleveland will bounce back and bounce back strong!Rob Schweyher


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