Week 2 Recap and Thoughts

So, as I was on my way to BWI Airport to to windmill Flacco for his horrible ass play, I ran across this video on Black Sports Online, courtesy of WNST, from Ravens LB Ray Lewis about yesterday’s game:

Now, by any means did the Ravens lose because of the penalties. But I agree with Lewis 100%. There were 2 BAD calls that accredited to 6 points the Bengals received because of it. The tripping call on Lewis was bull, because he was blocked to the ground and he was trying to get up. The Suggs call was bull hockey, particularly because Palmer had the ball still in his hand as Suggs was taking him to the ground.

More and more, the NFL is becoming too technical and too Charmin-esque when it comes to the way they protect their QBs. We get it- the league is a QB-driven league. But by any means, let these guys play!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves Ray, Joe Flacco is why you lost, my friend. 4 INTs cannot happen for a team w Super Bowl aspirations.

P.S.- If I see Flacco anywhere around town this week, I’m still gonna windmill him.

Dear Arizona Cardinals- Call Kurt Warner and offer him $100 million NOW! Maybe he’ll reconsider. Without him you suck!

Did anyone see the Cowboys going 0-2?? Did anyone see Jay Cutler throwing ZERO INTs in a game??? What is the NFL world coming to?

Last April after Jason Campbell was traded to the Raiders, I suggested that Bruce Gradkowski should at least be able to compete for the starting job. I was told how dumb that was and how Campbell is better.. blah, blah, wonk wonk… but after yesterday’s game, Tom Cable got my memo and finally got it right. He benched Campbell, put in Gradkowski and he helped lead the Raiders to a victory over the Rams. In the words of Shaquille O’Neal, “Tell me how my ass tastes”.

Dear Mark Sanchez: Thanks for showing up at the party this week!

Dear Darrelle Revis: We saw you grab your hamstring after that Moss 1-hand TD. All I have to say is,

THAT’S the San Diego Chargers squad I know!

Aaron Rodgers, you are doing the damn thing, but your Lambeau Leap SUCKS! Work on that, mmmmmkay?!

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 2-0?????

The Texans-Redskins game is reason number 1, why I love the game of football. Just when you think you can count someone out, they find ways to come back and win games. That game was by far the best game of the week. And it paralleled last year’s Saints-Redskins game. Down 10 points in the 4th Qtr, Matt Schaub hit Andre Johnson with the tying TD with 2 minutes left in the game. A blocked FG that would have given Washington a nice cushion was the leading factor into the game going into OT. I thought the Texans would lose for SURE after Gary Kubiak decided to punt opposed to kicking a 52-yard FG to try and win the game. But the Texans were given new life after Graham Gano missed his 52-yarder.

That game was exciting, full of offense and nail biting. This is why I love football.

PS- Is it crazy that I am (quietly) rooting for the Texans, week after week?!

Giants looked bad, real bad, Michael Jackson

Vince Young gets benched- again! Hey look, the sky is blue!

Michael Vick is balling…. and not looking back. And if Andy Reid brings in Kevin Kolb next week, he might have to say goodbye to his head coaching job. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Maybe Favre should’ve stayed retired after all……………………………
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2 thoughts on “Week 2 Recap and Thoughts”

  1. Now the Redskins all so got some bad breaks in that Texans game, but nobody speaks on it. In the 4th quarter my man Keiland Williams got out of bounds and the refs kept the play clock rolling and instant reply clearly showed that he was out of bounds, the clock continued to run a changed how the redskins approached second down. Also Icy ing the kicker is the worst rule ever is like throwing a hailmary then yelling "sike" we called a time out…but that's cool at the end of day if u beat a team without a doubt then the refs can't dictate the result. Good Read!


  2. HAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!! You're a FOOL for that Gary Coleman VID you got!I'm not even mad about the game yesterday. Cutler should be able to do what he did more often than not. Why doesn't he do this more? We were horrible, and he played well. Plus, we couldn't run the ball worth a damn, special teams was horrible, and—nevermind. Enough about the Cowboys.Even with my Boys losing, this was easily one of the most entertaining weekends in quite some time.


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