Sitcho Azz Down, DeAngelo Hall!

Someone really needs to send DeAngelo Hall a memo to STFU. In response to Sunday’s loss to the Texans in OT( the Redskins were up 10 pts in the 4th quarter), Hall had this to say about Texans WR Andre Johnson:

“This is my first time going against him in the league. I gave him a lot of props during the game. During the game, he didn’t scare me. He didn’t do anything that looked spectacular. He didn’t do anything to make me feel like he was the best.

“Maybe the numbers indicate he is, but I didn’t feel that way when I lined up against him. He caught a lot of balls in zone and was just kind of running wide open in zones, not really man-to-man.

“We were hitting Schaub. We had him rattled. I felt like we were dominating those guys, hitting Schaub whenever we wanted to. He was falling down, you know, without anybody even around him, like Peyton Manning does a lot.”

Oh really?!

Hall had a whole lot to say, especially about an offense that put up 526 yards against his defense. But let’s be clear, Andre Johnson is a beast. One of the best WRs in the league right now, but not talked about often, mainly because he doesn’t run his mouth like others in his position. Your defense coordinator played zone defense for a reason. Had your DC played tons of man coverage, you better believe Johnson would’ve had more than 158 yards. So playing zone was the best option from being exposed to the player you are….. In the words of Warren Sapp, “What I Miss???”

Andre Johnson Redskins catch

I love the way Johnson responds. When told about Hall’s comments, Johnson had this to say,

“I mean, those are his thoughts. The scheme that they ran, if he wanted to play me man-to-man, he should have told his coaches before the game. That’s not my problem. For them to be running zone coverages like that with the safety over the top, and for me to still have 12 catches for 158 yards, somebody wasn’t doing their job.”


Note to DeAngelo Hall: Anytime a guy can catch 158 yards in a game, and grab the game-tying TD pass, he’s as advertised. Give Johnson his props, he’s damn good at what he does. Talking like this makes you sound foolish!


Go sitcho azz down somewhere!

5 thoughts on “Sitcho Azz Down, DeAngelo Hall!”

  1. Come on now what corner do u know that's gonna sing high praises of a guy he's covered during a game. Revis called Moss a "Slouch" and Moss toasted his ass on Sunday with a 1 handed catch…but let's be clear he said that he was good, he just didn't feel he was the best. What kind of player would he be if he kissed his ass. It's one thing to give a guy his props it's another to ride his jock. Good Read!


  2. The one thing I can’t stand about DHall, is he has never seen a microphone he doesn’t like. He’s ALWAYS the 1st person to make a comment about something. Coverages, opposing players, the length of the grass at FedEX Field, the price of blowpops sold by the candy lady.

    I’m a Redskins fan and I was PO’d that we gave him the contract we did after half a seasons worth of work. He’s a solid to good corner at best. And eventhough I agree that Haslett (Washington’s DC, that’s funny), needs to drastically do something about his coverage schemes on the back end, to say Andre Johnson isn’t the best or near the top at least… is asinine.

    Loved AJ’s response by the way.


  3. Me’Angelo Hall…there was a reason you left the Falcons…can someone say BURNT CITY!!! He looked worse in his ‘prime’ than Deion Sanders did when he tried to make a comeback! One pimp slap to the back of your head sir!


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