Week 14 Recap And Thoughts

If you had to choose one team that is playing their best football right now, who would you choose? I’m sure some would say Philly, others would say Atlanta. And while they are playing at a high level, no one…. And I mean NO ONE… Is playing better than the New England Patriots right now. The Pats have beat the breaks off of playoff contenders such as the Steelers, the Jets and now the Bears… In a way that no one else has beat those teams all year. The Patriots are in a zone and right now I think the only one who can take them out of it are themselves. It’s kinda scary…….

OT: That’s the Jay Cutler we know! Welcome back!

Can someone tell me how Brodie Croyle is still on an NFL roster??? He’s 0-10 in his career as a starter, and he was AWFUL in yesterday’s game against the Chargers, throwing for 40 yards. FORTY yards, though?!?! Matt Cassel better hurry up and get back or the Chiefs are in big doo doo with the AFC West title on the line.

The Bengals are a sad group….. But Carson Palmer is sadder. It’s unfortunate to see a guy that once competed at such a high level, now look like a shell of his former self. The Bengals have a lot of QB soul searching to do at the end of the season… Because Palmer doesn’t look like the #1 guy they once relied on.

If ever there were a play to sum up the Redskins entire season, yesterday’s botched snap for the tying extra point against the Bucs summed it up. This team needs to seriously start thinking about the future and rebuilding. They’ve inked McNabb for a new deal, but there are so many holes that needs plugging on this team. In addition to the Fat Albert controversy, there are a lot of decisions to be made this offseason. The drama in the Nation’s Capital will be must-see TV in the weeks and months after the season is over.

Just when I thought Cleveland had a chance to finish 8-8 this season and that the Bills had maxed out on their wins for the season….. They flipped the script on me.

With all of the drama going on regarding the Giants-Vikings game (the snowstorm…the time change…the Metrodome roof caving in… The lack of drawls Giants players packed for their unscheduled extended trip…and the relocation to play in Detroit), somehow this Favre Watch has still found a way to stay relevant. I can’t wait for the season to be over so this guy can go away and disappear. My betting money says he’s playing for tonight’s rescheduled game, all for selfish reasons. Everyone wanted Brad Childress fired, but they don’t have anything to say regarding the Favre dilemma??? In my mind, this whole, “Will Favre Play?” mess every week is just as much a distraction as the Chilly situation. Sit this guy, see what Tavaris Jackson can do and be done with this foolishness.

Shout out to Jets coach Sal Alosi for being the douchebag of the week. Tripping a player from an opposing team and possibly injuring him is real classy, dude.

And speaking of the Jets, watching them yesterday makes me wonder if Mark Sanchez will ever be a good QB for his respected team.  Not because I don’t think he has the ability to be, but it looks to me that the Cali boy is not a cold weather QB. And in NY, where they are infamous for below freezing temps in the winter, I’m not sure how Sanchez will hold up in November and December. The announcer of yesterday’s Dolphins-Jets game said that the Jets have lost their swagger. Maybe so, but the first person I’m taking a look into is #6.

The Jaguars look like the real deal. Jack Del Rio should be thanking the football gods every night for the 53 men that may have possibly saved his job.

The Saints have won 6 in a row, how come no one is talking about them?

Even better question… Based on all of the grey going on Saints S Roman Harper’s hair, is it safe to assume he’s Favre’s age?? He sure as hell looked like it, especially when Sam Bradford caught up with him after a turnover.

The Packers need Aaron Rodgers back… BAD!!!

DeSean Jackson’s TD celebration was awesome… but it wasn’t excessive.

The league is doing too much. With all of the helmet-to-helmet hits and other calls that needs attention, why call this one? He was clearly having fun and should have been able to celebrate, he just beat the entire Cowboys defense for 91 yards and a score. If that’s not a reason to celebrate, then I dunno what is…….

Men have groupie moments, too! After last night’s game, Cowboys RB Tashard Choice asked Eagles QB Michael Vick for an autograph on some gloves, which Vick happily obliged.

Choice later said he was getting the autograph for his nephew. I think that’s a nice gesture. Michael Vick is a great player, and being a fan of the game is nothing to be ashamed or apologetic about. So what it was on the field… and after a loss.. and at home…..and to a division rival. But you get my point. Football players are football fans, too.

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