Gridiron Gals Tour Hits Nike Football Summit

Myself along with Pigskin Loving Lady have been busy bees this football season. From the Meadowlands in New Jersey, to FedEx Field near the Nation’s Capital, we’ve been on our GGals Tour in heavy rotation. But none of that could compare to what we experienced in D-Town (AKA Dallas, TX… for those who don’t know).

We were extremely fortunate to be a part of this year’s Nike Football Summit, which took place at Cowboys Stadium. To say the experience was surreal is an understatement. First off, let me just say that Nike is awesome. In everything they do, they do it BIG! They don’t believe in cutting corners and they want every part of their program to be epic. And this event was just that…. Epic!!!

We arrived at the stadium and was welcomed by a trainer who is with the Nike SPARQ group (SPARQ stands for Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction, and Quickness). Once he was done with his greeting, we were escorted to the field, where our welcome was extended by a local high school marching band, as well as young athletes from a local high school that ran speed and agility drills on the field. I could feel the intensity building up from the minute we walked onto the field, and I knew the best had yet to come.

We were then escorted to our seats by the band’s drum major as the presentation was set to take place. Once we were all seated (on the 50-yard line, of course), we were in awe of the stage and 50 yard screen ready to whoooo us with the new line of Nike products they were ready to show the world.

As the presentation begins, former Heisman Trophy winner and Super Bowl MVP Desmond Howard blessed the stage with his presence. I can’t even lie, I was giddy like a school girl. I’m a big fan of Howard’s and couldn’t hold my excitement. Once Howard started to host the event, he introduced us to the new products Nike has to offer.

First up, the footwear. The Zoom Alpha Talon cleat. Nike Football’s most advanced cleat ever, the Zoom Alpha Talon Cleat leverages the most innovative technologies to meet the performance needs of every position. Working with elite athletes, Nike designers delivered improved footing at full speed with an innovative on-demand, adaptive traction system. The interior cleats in the forefoot extend when full pressure is applied for more traction when needed and retract when not. The Air Zoom Alpha Talon cleat also features a Flywire upper for lightweight lockdown, a low-profile cushioning system for comfort, and Nike Pro Deflex padding around the ankle for breathable protection. I’m a girl, but just watching the presentation and looking at the shoe made me wanna suit up and play just to see how those bad boys work! To talk about the new cleats, Nike brought out Cowboys RB Felix Jones, Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe, Packers LB Clay Matthews, Lions DT Ndamukong Suh and Rams RB Steven Jackson to showcase the cleat and tell us about them.

Next up was the Nike Pro Combat System of Dress, which was pretty awesome. The uniform design emphasizes thermoregulation by featuring Nike Pro Deflex padding with two-way airflow to cool the body and wick away sweat. The jerseys are made of four-way stretch woven twill that sheds moisture. A Flywire collar eliminates two layers of fabric for improved breathability, providing a more stable anchor to keep the jersey in place.

The uniform also provides enhanced protection throughout the crucial “hit zone”–between the knees and shoulders–delivering robust padding without the bulk.

Nike has selected 4 college football teams to premiere the new line. Boise State, Oregon, University of Florida (Go Gators!) and TCU were the schools donned to wear the new unis for their upcoming bowl games. While they were all great looks, the best uniform goes to Oregon (what’s new) and TCU! They looked great! The college football fan in me is excited all over again for bowl season to get started!

Once that presentation was over, the media were allowed to speak with the players for a bit. I took the time to talk to Howard as well as Dwayne Bowe and Felix Jones. Check it out.

Once the interviews were done, we were able to take a tour of The Place That Jerry Built! If I could describe the Cowboys Stadium in one word, it would be this: Breathtaking. The stadium is beautiful, and even though I’m not a Cowboys fan, I could feel the charisma and electricity of the stadium (Useless-But-Great Fact: The 160 feet by 70 HDTV screen in the middle of the stadium has a star on the top of it. When the retractable roof opens, you can see the lit-up star as far as 5 miles). We were able to tour the lockers rooms ( the cheerleaders have their own locker room as well), the suites, media pressbox and the Cotton Bowl room, dedicated to the famous bowl game.

Alas, the event was over and it was time to go. But it was a great experience. Nike has once again outdone themselves with their new line of uniforms, cleats and the overall presentation. I loved every minute of it and was excited to be able to say I was a part of this event. While I was there, I created a video of the summary of the events to share with you all. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks again to Nike for allowing me to have the opportunity to be a part of such a great event.

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