Week 15 Recap And Thoughts

If ever a time my Ravens needed to step up and win big, yesterday was the day. The Saints were coming to town with their high powered offense (ranked 6th overall) and their intimidating, hard-hitting defense (which boasted 4th in pass defense). The Saints were on a roll, looking to win their 7th straight victory, while the Ravens were under major scrutiny after losing a big lead to the Houston Texans last week. Baltimore had yet to play a complete 60 mins of football and having New Orleans come to town was a major concern.

The Ravens, though, came out swinging and had control for much of the football game. After New Orleans went up 7-0 early in the 1st quarter, the Ravens took charge of the game and never looked back. Ravens RB Ray Rice was the star of the show, with a 233-total yards day, 153 of them on the ground. For the first time in a while, the Ravens played smash mouth football. It was a great sight to see and if the Ravens play the way they did yesterday for the rest of the season and even the playoffs, they can play toe-to-toe with just about anybody in this league.

After yesterday’s Eagles-Giants crazy game, how can you NOT love football and get excited about it?! The Eagles were pretty much left for dead in the 4th qtr, when the Giants went up 31-10 with 8:37 remaining. But the Eagles scored 28 points in the final 7:18 of the game, including the play that everyone is calling, “The Miracle In The New Meadowlands”

Not to take away anything from Michael Vick, he had a great game as well, throwing for 3 TDs while rushing for 130 yards and scoring another TD on the ground. But DeSean Jackson is AWESOME!!! Awesome is actually an understatement of how awesome he is. Dude is balling out of control… and Philly becomes more and more dangerous as the weeks go on.

OT: If you’re the Giants and their fans, you have to be drinking Pepto Bismol like it’s water. I can’t imagine trying to sleep after a gut wrenching loss like that. Giants head coach Tm Coughlin was seen going off on punter Matt Dodge for not kicking the ball out of bounds (which, is what EVERYONE wants to know right about now), but it shouldn’t have even gotten to that point. Giving up a 21-point lead midway that you had midway into the 4th qtr is unacceptable, PERIOD! This may be a hard loss to overcome. But the Giants are a veteran team, they should be able to move on… eventually.

XP: The Vick-Dog fighting references are old… real old! Stay classy NY!

All the Jaguars had to do was win against the Colts and they were in. The division would have been won and they would have been in the playoffs. But the Colts had other plans in mind. Even after being dismantled by so many injuries, Peyton Manning is still the captain of the horseshoe ship. They not only beat Jacksonville, they took over 1st place of the AFC South and all they have to do is win their final 2 games to secure their playoff spot. I knew I should have waited until the end of the season to show the Jags some love. You know the old saying, though. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…………….

After everything that the Redskins have gone through last week with the McNabb benching and tasteless manner in which they handled it, is it safe to say that Rex Grossman didn’t look half bad? From a fantasy football standpoint, Grossman had a very good day, throwing for 322 yards and 4 TDs. But on the reality side of the game, he threw 2 INTs, one which sealed the deal in the Redskins loss to the Cowboys. I still believe that McNabb is a better option than Sexy Rexy, but in a fill-in role, Grossman did alright. Guess we’ve seen the last of McNabb in a Redskins jersey……..

Let me go through some shout outs of players/teams that have done the NFL and their respected fans proud this week:

Shout out to the Detroit Lions for finally winning a road game, after losing 26 straight. That’s a huge monkey to get off of their backs. They have also won consecutive games for the 1st time since 2007. The Lions are on the come up, and with consistency at QB (meaning, one that can stay healthy) and a few more pieces, the Lions can become relevant again. Yeah, I just said that………………. weird to read, wasn’t it?!

On the other hand, Tampa Bay has lost 3 of their last 4 games. Shout out to them for being better than most folks expected. But right now, the Saints and Falcons are still the teams to beat in the NFC South.

Shout out to Tim Tebow for doing well in his QB debut against the Raiders. Even though the Broncos fell short in a victory (what’s new.. the sky is blue, as well), Timmy had a good day, throwing for a TD as well as rushing for one. No one said that Tebow had all of the physical tools to be great. But his passion and leadership alone could get him far. Think about it like this: Would you rather have Tim Tebow, physical flaws and all… or a fat JaMarcus Russell who has all of the capabilities in the world but is lazy as hell and loves to floss fugly chains all day??

Shout out to the Buffalo Bills for finally finishing games and spoiling people’s playoff chances. I really could’ve used you a few weeks ago against the Steelers, but I won’t continue to hold that against you.

Shout out to the Jets for finally getting out of your slump and beating the Steelers in Pittsburgh. I’m here to tell the fans of Gang Green, the excuses will start to roll in. There was no Polamalu, No Heath Miller, no this or that.. But I don’t care and neither should you. A win is a win. It helped you solidify your playoff hopes and it made us Ravens fans happy as hell! Thank you for making a great football day epic in Bawlmer!

Shout out to the NFC West for being the laughing stock of the league. Those teams are a joke… Literally and figuratively.

Shout out to the fat stinky lineman Dan Connolly of the New England Patriots for giving me the biggest laugh yesterday. No one… and I mean NO ONE, wanted to tackle that dude and I don’t blame them. This play made my night complete!

Terrell Owens tore a meniscus in his knee during yesterday’s game against the Browns and will miss the remainder of the season. Vegas has now opened up bets to see what team Owens will be on next year, since it clearly won’t be with Cincy.

5 thoughts on “Week 15 Recap And Thoughts”

    1. Pump your brakes! They got no love this week because they were supposed to beat the Seahawks. Why praise a team for doing something they’re supposed to do?! I’d be all day if I tried to recap all 16 games.


  1. The Ravens did get a big win yesterday. I love the way they came out of the blocks and established themselves. It was good to see the offense open up for once. I think that is why they were so successful.


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