Video: Chi-Town Gives Jay Cutler The LeBron Treatment

BEAR DOWN!!!! No, seriously……….

Bears fans have been on a fire frenzy since yesterday’s Bears NFC Championship game loss to the Packers. QB Jay Cutler missed the second half due to a knee injury and never returned. While the Bears staff said they made the decision to sit Cutler out, current and former players called out Cutler and his toughness via Twitter yesterday. Maurice Jones-Drew said he played a whole season on a bad knee and Deion Sanders showed no mercy when questioning Cutler’s heart (not to mention regular tweeters who had a field day on Cutler’s absence). And while some folks have come to Cutler’s defense, they are in the minority. The consensus amongst most comments I’ve seen is simple: Cutler punked out.

The biggest Cutler foes at this point have been Bears fans. Website Bears Goggles On found a slew of videos showing Bears fan so irate about Cutler sitting (and standing) on the sidelines that they decided to burn his jersey. There are tons more on Youtube if you do a Cutler jersey burn search.

It reminds me of the LeBron Bonfire that happened after his departure from Cleveland. While the circumstances were different, the outcome is the same. The fans feel slighted by someone they relied on and they put their frustrations out on the jerseys they donned (which I think is pretty stupid, especially if the jersey is authentic. Sell me on burning something I paid good money for.. TUH!).

The fact that Cutler was seen standing during the 4th quarter of the game makes his injury even more hard to swallow. Philip Rivers played an AFC Championship game with a torn ACL, and Ben Roethlisberger, while being called a diva at times, has played with injuries time and time again, including a bad foot and broken nose this season. He’s going to the Super Bowl in 2 weeks.

After the game, it was reported that Cutler had tears in his eyes when told about the backlash he received from players. I know football players have feelings to. But if ever there was a time to “man up” until you had some alone time, that was it.

Is Cutler the new Bartman in Chicago sports???? Okay maybe I went too far with that comparison. But he may be the 2nd most hated sports figure in the Chi-Town right now.

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