Donte Stallworth Responds To Adam Schefter Via Twitter

I say all the time, Twitter can be the gift and the curse. It allows people to express their feelings in “real time”, unlike any other social media networking tool out there. And just like regular people, media and athletes use it to let off some steam. So it was no surprise when Ravens WR Donte Stallworth saw a tweet from ESPN’s Adam Schefter that lead him to a series of tweets over a 3-day span.

Over the weekend, Schefter reported the status of former Giants WR Plaxico Burress and his return to the NFL. Schefter then proceeded with a series of RTs from followers. One stood out to many:

Keep in mind that while Schefter didn’t actually tweet that himself, he didn’t condemn/argue it either. lSome folks assumed he agreed with that point, while using the Retweet as a cop-out, if you will.  Leonard Little isn’t known to be on Twitter, but Stallworth definitely is. After learning about the tweet, Stallworth then decided to address Schefter:

Stallworth then clarified his thoughts and feelings regarding other people’s views on his 2009 accident in which he was charged for DUI Manslaughter,

Twit fam, thanks for all your positive tweets. I’ve said it many times that you have been an integral part of helping me get through my days

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, I get it. It would be asinine to think everyone will forgive me of my past transgressions like God has

In what I feel has been an attempt by him 2 perpetuate indignation towards me by juxtaposing my situation w/friend Plax on SEVERAL occasions

In a rare occurrence, I let my emotions engulf my rational thought when I have ALWAYS ignored him and many others. For that fam, I apologize

God knows I’ve been sincerely contrite. I am human but I promise you I will not react to negativity on my timeline EVER again. Love y’all

It’s hard for guys like Stallworth and Mike Vick to get a second chance, mainly because they are athletes, celebrities if you will. Many people feel they are given the, “easy way out” and don’t have to deal with their mistakes in the same light as others in a lower tax bracket. Whether or not you agree with that, athletes are humans, too. Stallworth’s response was no different than most people’s possible reaction under similar circumstances. If you follow Stallworth on Twitter, you would know he’s a very articulate person that is smarter way beyond football. To see him have a “human” moment online was different for him, yet understandable.

Shout out to Stallworth for taking the high road even though folks constantly feel the need to remind him of his past. Keep ya head up, 18! Oh yeah, and #WeWantPlax #RavensWRfor2011andbeyond

4 thoughts on “Donte Stallworth Responds To Adam Schefter Via Twitter”

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  2. I’m sorry, but I can’t disagree more. Donte Stallworth “got over” because his crime happened in the state of Florida where football athletes are given a pass regardless of their transgression and he then paid the family hush money so that there was no trial. The fact that the prosecutor was okay with that and then went ahead to again show how much more Mr. Stallworth’s freedom was worth than that of others by allowing him house arrest where he could also keep himself in shape during his “incarceration” is a travesty.

    Say what you want about Adam Shefter but the truth hurts. Plaxico’s crime took place in my hometown, aka media-nutty NYC. And although no one else was injured or lost their life, he received an extremely harsh sentence. Michael Vick’s crimes against animals was also the harshest sentence ever handed down to someone convicted of that type of crime and also exceeded what was suggested by the prosecutor. Donte Stallworth is a murderer – period. He operated a vehicle while intoxicated and killed a person. He should still be in jail and I have no respect for anyone that thinks otherwise.


    1. BedStuyMommy, that will sound harsher than it is intended to be but do you think anyone cares if a random person behind a keyboard respects them or not? Seriously think about it.

      Now what Donte did was wrong. No question. What Mike did was wrong too. And what Plax did was wrong. Plax could have hurt or injured more than himself when the gun went off in the club.

      If you think athletes get off with anything in Florida your wrong. Athletes have done things in NY that never get reported just like in other places.

      If you just want to booohoo about Plax getting time, I suggest you go buy some tissues because he isn’t getting that part of his life back. He is paying for his crime whether you like the punishment or not.

      Do you think Plax would roll thru bedstuy and hang with the homies there or would he go to a decent neighborhood like somewhere in Mt. Vernon and see people. Save your tears for those who deserve it. Living in Bedstuy I bet you can find more people having hard times that deserve your tears than Plax.


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