More Charges Against Redskins’ Haynesworth

When it rains, it pours on Albert Haynesworth. And now, yet ANOTHER allegation on the Redskins high profiled-yet-troubled defensive tackle.

Haynesworth has been charged with sexual assault by a waitress, who says he abused her at a restaurant. According to a police report, the waitress said the lineman touched her breast while he paid his bill early Sunday at a downtown Washington hotel.

Not even a full day prior to the allegation report, Haynesworth was at a Fairfax County police station after being formally charged with misdemeanor assault for road rage, after a person stated that Fat Albert allegedly tailgated, then assaulted him.

As if the Redskins weren’t looking to move on from Haynesworth before either event (he had been suspended for the final 4 games of the 2010), this almost certainly means Haynesworth is a goner. The Redskins have met with former Browns DT Shaun Rogers, which looks to be a replacement for the troubled star.

At this point, it’s hard to tell if Haynesworth is a good calculated risk to take for other NFL teams. In addition to his off-the-field issues, he’s had ones on the gridiron as well. Who could forget in 2006, when Haynesworth kicked and stomped the face of Cowboys center Andre Gurode.

Gurode needed 30 stitches from the malicious event. And while Haynesworth later said he was disgusted with himself for his behavior, his current allegations say this is a disturbing trend of anger he possesses.

The Redskins PR department are probably having nightmares. Between Haynesworth’s allegations and the stabbing of WR/KR Brandon Banks at a DC nightclub this past weekend, they’ve been busy with nothing but bad publicity for the new year. Getting rid of Haynesworth and his ridiculous salary is a start in the right direction.

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