Mugshots: Legedu Naanee

Whew, Legedu Naanee shouldn’t commit any more crimes based off of this mugshot alone. The Chargers WR was arrested this past weekend for public intoxication and resisting arrest in Indianapolis. Naanee allegedly was rude to officers after walking through a crime scene and being asked to leave. All hell broke loose, with pepper spray and handcuffs following shortly.

There’s also rumor that Naanee pulled the,¬†“Do you know who I am?” card. Telling cops that he was an NFL player and was gonna sue their ass (his alleged words, not mine).

Dude………….. you were in INDY!! If you aren’t Peyton Manning or Reggie Wayne, don’t nobody know who the hell you are…….

This mugshot is a reminder of why some players are more known for the numbers on their back and helmets on their heads. While I know who he is from his namesake, he could walk by me and I’d never know. Sometimes that’s not a bad thing. And looking at his lips, he’s either dehydrated or he could have used some Carmax before taking this shot.

Naanee, possibly an unrestricted free agent pending the CBA, may have sealed his fate with the Chargers after this incident. Naanee is no Vincent Jackson, and with petty AJ Smith as your GM who knows what the future holds.

Looks like my boo Philip Rivers will be throwing a lot more to Seyi Ajirotutu more in 2011 or when football resumes. Don’t know who that is? Hopefully you won’t find out through a mugshot like many did with Naanee.

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