Plaxico Burress Wants Comeback Start In Warm Weather

Sorry Giants fans. Looks like the former Giants WR isn’t looking for a reunion in the Big Apple. Plaxico Burress is set to be released this June after doing a 2 year stint for the famous self inflicted wound heard around the league back in 2008. But Burress wants a warm weather city to start his comeback campaign.

It’s been reported that Plax is looking to play closer to his Miami, FL. home, possibly wanting to play in Miami, Jacksonville or Tampa Bay. A possible acquisition to any of the 3 teams could be a big boost in the WR groups.

Miami- On opposite side of Brandon Marshall, brings 2 big threats

Tampa Bay- could help develop emerging stars Mike Williams and Arrelious Benn

Jacksonville- Could be an immediate impact to roster, in part because the most known player in the WR group is Mike Sims-Walker. Don’t know who he is, either? Google may help.

There’s no telling if any of these teams would have a vested interest in Burress once he is released. He’s stated that he’s lost about 14 pounds since being in prison, but if you ask me it looks more like 30 pounds. While I’m sure Plax is in great shape, you have to wonder how fast can he get back into “football shape”. I wish Burress nothing but the best. I’m sure one of those teams would welcome him with open arms.

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