Bailey In, Shockey Out!

The NFL Lockout is constantly looming over the league, but that hasn’t stopped GMs from signing-or releasing- their players. Two well known players to their respected teams have made recent headlines on their status.

Broncos VP of football operations John Elway tweeted earlier today that Champ Bailey will be signing a new 4-year deal to keep him in Denver. I guess putting the house on the market meant he was looking for bigger, better diggs instead of leaving town. I thought for sure Bailey was a goner after only having 40 supporters come out for a rally to keep him in town. But I guess 40 people was all he needed to convince him to stay. Congrats to Champ on a new deal, he deserves it.

While Champ Bailey made out on his news, Jeremy Shockey did not. The Saints TE was released by the team today, after a 3-year stint in New Orleans. During the Saints Super Bowl season, Shockey had 49 receptions and 3 TDs.  With March 4th coming soon, who knows how long Shockey will be on the market, in part because of the expiration of the CBA. But any team that picks him up can use him as a lucky charm of sorts. I mean, he DOES have 2 Super Bowl rings (which, some would argue he barely contributed to, but I digress).

It’ll be real interesting to see who gets cut within the next few days, just to beat the deadline. Will Willis McGahee be next??? I’ll be watching with a real close eye.

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