Johnny Mac VS. Alex Tanney- Who Did It Better?

Looks like college QBs are in a trick play challenge lately. I posted a video not long ago of UConn’s Johnny McEntee showing us his trick plays. And now, another QB has put his talents online.

Monmouth’s Alex Tanney wants the world to know that he too, can do some tricks with the pigskin. In the 5-minute video, he shows us everything from throwing at pickup trucks, to goal posts and even making 3-pointers on the basketball court with his throws.

While McEntee has no college football background that we can speak of, Tanney actually has accomplishments under his belt. Tanney is a 2-time Midwest Conference Player Of The Year as well as the recipient of the 2009 Melberger Trophy, which goes to the best player in Division III football. Tanney was hurt during his 2010 season with a shoulder injury, so maybe he’s showing the world that he’s in great shape and ready to play.

So who did the better job at their trick plays? Johnny Mac or Tanney?? You be the judge!

McEntee’s video
Johnny McEntee Is The Trick Shot QB – Watch more Sports

Tanney’s video
Alex Tanney, Trick Shot Quarterback – Watch more Funny Videos

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