Rex Ryan…. The Actor?

First it was Eric Mangini on the Sopranos in 2007, now NY Jets head coach Rex Ryan is keeping up with the newfound Gang Green tradition. Ryan is making his Hollywood debut, playing as himself in an episode of, “CSI: NY” along with Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum.

Normally, I would poo poo this and say he needs to be focusing on getting over the AFC Championship hump. But there are 2 reasons why I won’t. Reason #1, most coaches have never even made a championship appearance, let alone 2 consecutive ones. Reason #2, Sexy Rexy may be free, depending on the outcome of a possible NFL Lockout, so he’s just passing the time in the meantime.

While this is his acting debut, he’s already showcased his directing and voice over skills in his wife’s Youtube videos that came to light this past season. Okay, that was wrong of me to go there, but you knew that was coming. Good luck Rex!!! Break a leg.. or just lose 50 lbs in the process.

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