NFL Grim Reaper Gets Early Start

The first week of March is a grim one around the league. Teams start to trim the salary cap fat by releasing players. Usually, it’s either to get down to a decent salary cap number or to make room for other roster move. With the upcoming expiration of the CBA this week, however, it makes things harder for teams to upgrade their current rosters.

In any event, cuts still need to be made, and we’ve sen a few of them already. Here’s a few of the higher profile cuts we’ve seen so far:

Washington Redskins- RB Clinton Portis released

New York Jets- NT Kris Jenkins, LB, Vernon Gholston, LB Jason Taylor and OL Damien Woody released (although the Jets may be interested in bringing Jenkins back, who has missed 2 consecutive seasons with knee injuries)

Chicago Bears- DT Tommie Harris, LB Hunter Hillenmeyer and OL Kevin Shaffer released

New England Patriots- Expects to cut RT Nick Kaczur this week.

I’m sure we’ll hear about more cuts as the week goes on.

One thought on “NFL Grim Reaper Gets Early Start”

  1. Most of these guys are buyer beware guys. Their price tag will have to drop or they will be watching for a long time to come. Kris Jenkins hasn’t been healthy in 3 years. If he can get healthy he should be pretty good. No contact hardly for a big man can be an asset for a year or so.


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