Ravens’ Zbikowski Goes Back To Boxing

Before being drafted by the Ravens in 2008, Tom Zbikowski made it known he was a boxer as well as a football player. He put his gloves down to pursue his dream of playing in the NFL. But with an NFL Lockout looking more and more like a reality (the CBA expires at 12:01 tonight), Zbikowski is picking his gloves back up… for now.

Zbikowski’s agent, Ralph Cindrich, confirmed that the Ravens safety will be listed as a cruiserweight on the undercard of the March 12 Miguel Cotto-Ricardo Mayorga fight card in Las Vegas.

Giving reason for his client’s decision, Cindrich said,

“The lockout is a motivating factor for Tommy and he does love boxing. He loves football more. This came up because of the lockout and he wanted to keep active. It does go a long way to keep you in better condition.

“In Tommy’s case, it’s his way of wanting to stay competitive. He’s a great kid. The guy trains hard and he’s tough. I don’t know how this throws him off that much as far as football. It just builds him up that much. He’s got tremendous upper body strength, leverage and speed.”

That’s good to hear and all, but ummmm…. I need Zibby to be healthy once this whole CBA situation is resolved. It’s bad enough he missed a lot of the 2010 season with a bruised right heel. I’d hate to see boxing get in the way of his recovery. Add the fact that he’s a restricted free agent right now, and he needs to make sure he doesn’t give the Ravens-or any other team- reason to doubt that he’s back in football shape.

All of that said, I still wish him the best of luck in his match. Please don’t become a SportsCenter highlight for all the wrong reasons. Make us Ravens fans (and boxing fans) proud!

If you want to see what he’s made of, here’s a vid of a fight he participated in.

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