Friday Roundup: Bob Sanders, LFL and Foreclosures

Before I get into the hot topics of the week, I want to thank the NFL owners and NFLPA for extending the CBA for 24 hours, as they feverishly try to work out a new deal. While I’m well aware that 24 hours isn’t a lot of time and that a lockout still may occur, the fact that they extended it gave me a small glimpse of hope. I even danced a jig when I heard the good news.

This blogger/fan that I am is praying that they get this done and that there’s football without interruptions or replacements. We want football in 2011 and beyond!

Bob Sanders has found a new home out west, as he signs a 1-year deal with the San Diego Chargers. The 2007 Defensive Player of the Year was released by the Colts last month, mainly due to his inability to stay healthy. Good luck to Sanders, hopefully he can play a full year of football. Us ladies sure would like to see your name come across our screen. I get double the treat, since my boo Philip Rivers is on the squad as well…

In other news….. Jeremy Shockey signed with the lowly Carolina Panthers. Oh…………………………………

Word on the street is former Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell’s Oakland home is in jeopardy for foreclosure. Apparently, Mr. Russell owes about $195K and if he doesn’t pay it, it’s put back in the market.

We all know the Raiders threw Russell a dumb amount of money, so I doubt he’s broke. Surely buying Coogi sweaters, purple drank and fugly chains couldn’t have taken all of his $30 million plus he’s received so far. My guess is his mind frame was since he no longer plays for Oakland, he said screw that house and decided not to pay for it any longer. But why do that and mess up your credit?  Whoever his financial advisor is (if he even has one), isn’t advising him of much. Don’t be a dummy, get rid of the house and move on. Ignorance is bliss……………..

In case you haven’t heard, the Lingerie Football League said they are willing to take over your households on Sundays if the NFL cannot come up to an agreement and in fact, lockout. I’m sure the men have NO problems with seeing scantily clad women run around making hard hits and tackles. But I’m curious to know how the women feel about this?

I’ve watched LFL games before and it’s actually not that bad. But not everyone would be down to watching half-naked women try and fill a void for real football. Let me know what you think ladies… Yay or Nay on LFL replacing NFL on Sundays if there’s a lockout.

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