Zbikowski Challenges OchoCinco To Boxing Match

Ravens S Tom Zbikowski appeared on the Dan Patrick Show on Monday talking about his upcoming fight this Saturday, in Las Vegas (useless fact: former Ravens teammate and 49ers QB Troy Smith will lead him into the ring). During his interview, Zibby said that he would love to fight Bengals WR Chad OchoCinco, saying that #85, “talks like he can box”.

It didn’t take long for word to get back to the charismatic star, responding to Zibby’s request via Twitter:

Zbikowski then responded to Chad’s response, followed by yet another rebuttal from Ocho:

Well, alright!!!!

Not that this would actually go down in real life, but I’d bet my year’s salary that Zibby would knock Chad out in 30 seconds, tops. Chad is very good at being a WR and a trash talker, but with his twitpics of his wardrobe and cupcaking of fiancee’ Evelyn Lozada, I think he’s more of a lover than a fighter. Add the fact that OchoCinco is still under contract, while Zbikowski has yet to sign his restricted free agent tender, and you have nothing but a verbal boxing match via Twitter. Chad knows it too, which is why he’s even entertaining Zibby’s request (well, him being an attention whore may also play a role in this as well). The fact that they are division rivals would make it something to watch, though.

Memo to Zbikowski: Find another loud mouth who’s not under contract to challenge. I’m sure Terrell Owens is free *shrugs*

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