Video: Antonio Pierce Rips Tiki Barber

The NFL world was in shock (and possible laughter) when the agent for Tiki Barber confirmed that the former Giants RB will be returning to football. Yesterday, Twitter went into a major uproar about the news, questioning if Barber is returning because he could possibly be broke from an ugly Y&R-like divorce, in which Barber’s relationship went public after he left his pregnant wife for a young blonde intern.

On yesterday’s ESPN NFL Live, former Giants teammates Tim Hasselbeck and Antonio Pierce spoke out about the news. While Tim was a little more diplomatic about his answers, Pierce was not. Saying that Tiki Barber the person is, “not going to do anything for your team.”


Clearly there’s no love lost from Pierce, regarding his former teammate. Personally, I think Tiki is a PR nightmare. Add the fact that he’s about Al Davis’s age in football playing years, and I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole. But that’s just me. I’m sure some sucke.. I mean, team will pick him up, though.

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