Video: What Does A NFL Lockout Mean To You?

If you’ve come to my website on a regular basis, you’ll see that I try to avoid all lockout talk. With everything up in the air regarding a new CBA deal, blogging about it is simply beating a dead horse at this point. But I came across a few videos that I think are blog worthy and decided to share. is a website designed to try and show how much a lockout will affect not only players, coaches and owners lives, but the fans they serve as well. Throughout all of the doubt and worry they decided to post a couple of videos, from players and fans, expressing what the NFL lockout ultimately means to them. A few of them are funny, and having the players give their thoughts was a good selling tool to get a new deal done.

Now hopefully the NFLPA and the owners take a look at this and get something done ASAP! We want football in 2011.

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