Ravens Owner Talks CBA, Zbikowski And “Big Brother” Steelers

With the Al Davis’s, Jerry Jones’s and Daniel Snyder’s of the football world, I feel like my Ravens has one of the most laid back, coolest owners in Steve Bisciotti. He’s a Bawlmer (Baltimore) native, he stays behind the scenes, and he has a Rick James aura-like tan that is out of this world!

Bisciotti sat down with Baltimore Sun’s Jamison Hensley about the CBA, his thoughts on Tom Zbikowski and why playing the Steelers is similar to getting, “beat up by your big brother”.

On the belief that the labor negotiations have turned off fans- Yeah. I think that a public fight over money turns off everybody. I think it’s a whole new ballgame if we don’t give them football. I know that we are sold out. I know that our fans are renewing their season tickets at basically the same rate as our prior years. We’ve always enjoyed a renewal rate of 98 or 99 percent. If we were to miss football, all or part of this season, then it wouldn’t surprise me in the least for 2012 to come in at our lowest level ever. Our fans have loved football for 20, 30 and 40 years. If the fight screws up the season, shame on both sides. We’ve got to get this done. If we turn off our fans, then shame on us.

On his feelings of Tom Zbikowski’s fighting- I think it’s awesome. I wanted to walk him into the ring but I’m not allowed to communicate with him. I would get the Don King hair going.

On possibly attending one of Zibby’s fights- Yes. Under a new CBA, he might not be allowed to do it. But I really am not allowed to communicate with him. I would love to be there. But I don’t feel like flying for one minute, 45 seconds [the length of Zbikowski’s last fight]. Until they get someone who can put up a fight against my boy, I don’t necessarily want to do all that traveling for a minute and a half.

On what it’s going to take to beat Pittsburgh in the playoffs- see video below


While it really hurts to hear Biscuit say that the Steelers are like the big brother who wins, he’s absolutely right. I have no idea what the Ravens need to do, but they better figure it out, because the Steelers OWN them at this point.

Bisciotti also talks about Ray Lewis and his career after football, Terrell Suggs’ 2010 season, 3-man pass rushes and possible re-seeding for the playoffs. It’s a great interview, and you can read the rest by clicking here.

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