Another No-Show For Michael Vick??

Add a Norfolk, VA event this past weekend as another event that Eagles QB Michael Vick skipped out of. Vick was listed as the special guest of the Souteastern Virginia Arts Association Gala as an honored guest in which he was to be recognized as a, “hero”…. *pause*

I commend Vick for taking a strong hold at his 2nd chance, but a hero, tho??? Nevertheless Vick was a no show at the event, which charged people $100 a pop. While folks were upset and walked out due to Vick’s absence, a rep for Vick claims they knew in advance that he would be a no show,

A spokesman for Vick told that event organizers were told months ago that Vick would not be attending the event. Chris Shigas said Vick was grateful to be honored by the group, but he made it very clear to organizers he would not be in attendance.

So who do you believe, the folks that gave the event, or Vick’s rep? If I were in attendance at the event, I don’t give a damn who is telling the truth. I want a refund of some kind. $100 for a no-show will start an uproar from many people, myself included.

This isn’t the first time Vick has allegedly backed out of a commitment. He was scheduled to appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show before declining at the last minute. My guess is his team is taking everything easy with Vick, and not pushing him in the limelight so soon, even after having a successful 2010 season. While I totally understand it, just decline everything right now until the time is right, so there’s not a stigma about Vick’s noted absences.

2 thoughts on “Another No-Show For Michael Vick??”

  1. I honestly believe Vick’s Camp, these promoters prob did it for the money. I also wasn’t upset with Vick for not doing Oprah either. I get the feeling he’s trying to move away from his past, which he has a right to do so. But everytime dude get infront of a camera all the interviewer wants to do is talk about dog fighting… And let’s be honest, there will always be dog fighting… Let’s just see who else gets FED time for “Dog Fighting”


  2. I honestly believe Mike’s camp but really don’t care. Promoters are so quick to make a dollar that don’t care if people are pissed or not. They know everyone will think I was Mike who backed out……go Cowboys!!!!!!


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