Video: Cris Carter Explains Where Plaxico Can Go

If you haven’t heard, former Giants WR Plaxico Burress is about to be a free man tomorrow. And if he can get to any form of his former self, his talents will be requested by a few NFL teams. The biggest question isn’t if he’ll be picked up, it’s WHO will pick him up. ESPN’s Cris Carter has a few ideas of teams he can possibly help out.

Carter also talks about reasons why teams may think twice about him due to his previous work ethic, before going to prison 2 years ago. Personally, I think Plax can go to Oakland, because Al Davis loves bad asses and they could use his services. While Michael Vick has expressed wanting to play with his hometown buddy, I’m not so sure Andy Reid wants to go there. Remember, he had WR issues in the past with Terrell Owens, so Philly may pass on Burress.

With the NFL Lockout STILL going on, we may not know his whereabouts for a while. So until the players and owners can come to an agreement, we’ll be playing the guessing game until free agency actually opens up.

Welcome home, Plax! (I’m a day early, so what!) Now go and get in football shape and get a job!

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