Sitchoazz Down, Michael Crabtree!

San Francisco 49ers WR Michael Crabtree is a great talent with potential to be a huge contributor with his organization. And Michael Crabtree also has a LOT of growing up to do.

After informal workouts, Crabtree was asked by reporters if he thought catching passes from Smith was important to building chemistry. Crabtree responded, “Who’s the quarterback?”

When the reporter inserted free agent Alex Smith’s name, Crabtree said, “He’s the quarterback? I’m just asking.”

In the words of Chris Hanson….
Why don't you have a seat over there - Chris Hansen on Twitpic

Sir… have a seat!

While Crabtree’s comments weren’t a blatant shot at Smith, the tone was loud and clear. And while Smith may not return to San Francisco next year, Crabtree should refrain from speaking…. for as long as he can.

His comments were heard loud and clear by his teammates, head coach and organization. He’s a diva WR who hasn’t even done anything on a professional level to earn that title yet. Alex Smith isn’t Aaron Rodgers by any means (sorry to bring that up 9ers fans), but as of right now he is still a part of the team. Not liking a player is one thing, but taking subliminal shots at them are another, especially when you still have to prove yourself as a player.

Sitcho immature azz down, Michael Crabtree!

6 thoughts on “Sitchoazz Down, Michael Crabtree!”

  1. Just another kid with talent who refuses to grow up and be great. I wouldn’t even call him a diva. He doesn’t work hard enough at it to wear that label. Other guys who talk a lot do it because they outwork everyone else. Unfortunately thats not Crabtree.


  2. At least crabtree has a contract…..Smith at this time does not and has not done a damn thing for this organization in 7 years. He says who’s the QB and he’s right no one knows for sure yet who it will be….Smith is a great leader when there is no pressure,until he can get it done on the field when it counts he deserves no respect….


  3. Based on Crabtree’s performance and statements, I am of the opinion he realizes his mental and physical abilities have been equalized or eclipsed by players who are faster, stronger and smarter on defense. As an immature personality will, Crabtree makes excuses and deflects personal responsibility. Rather than realizing the NFL is truly a game of inches, fractions of seconds, and mental toughness, Crabtree blames others- I believe he is overwhelmed. When Crabtree tells us he works out “hard” I don’t see it in his soft appearance, sloppy field performance and inferior practice effort. I question Crabtree’s desire and mental toughness. Before Crabtree becomes a competent NFL player he needs to look inward and do some personal work. Crabtree’s team mates see this and Vernon Davis was right to callout Crabtree on his lack of desire. This is a team sport and there is no team in the NFL good enough to win with ten guys on the field. If I was in a foxhole and I had an opportunity to select the guy next to me I pick Alex Smith over Crabtree every time.


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