This Steelers Fan Did What?!?!

Some people are fans and some people are fanatics.. and some people are crazy! Now I’m not sure what category YOU would put this person in, but I’m going with the latter with this pic.

Now I love my Ravens, but not enough to get a tattoo like this. I found this picture over at The Last Angry Fan and I couldn’t believe it. I have so many questions. How long did it take to do this, how much did this cost, did this person take off work to do this or do they even have a job? Does this person live in the Pittsburgh vicinity or in Walawala, WA?? I just wanna know what has someone get up and say, “I’m gonna get a tat of Brett Keisel’s face… WITH the big beard.. all over my arm”. In any event, I will say that the tattoo is pretty awesome and well done.

That’s the kind of fandom I don’t have, tho……..

2 thoughts on “This Steelers Fan Did What?!?!”

  1. That’s a fuckin awesome tattoo, and if I’m Brett Keisel i’m honored. Amazing.

    Besides…is it as crazy as getting a tattoo scribed on your face? Nawl. Okay then, he’s aight with me. LOL



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