In Case You Missed It: Ed Reed Sits Down With Ed Werder

First off, let me just say that I wish the lockout would end ASAP!  Football talk is getting reeeeeaaaaal low these days. Anytime I’m posting interviews from guys that usually ignore the media, it must be a slow NFL day… which it has been since the lockout started 100+ days ago. End the lockout NOOOW, dammit!

Okay, now that I got that out of my system, let me get to my post. If you missed it this week, Ravens All Pro safety Ed Reed sat down with ESPN’s Ed Werder during his Eye Of The Hurricane football camp in Louisiana. Reed talks about how the lockout has affected his team, his current health situation, how he would play anywhere for Rex Ryan (nearly 3 years later, this is still a subject of convo) and responds to Steelers LB Lamarr Woodley, who’s had diarrhea at the mouth the past couple of weeks.

For Ed Reed, it’s a pretty good interview. He’s never been a fan of talking to the media, so under his standards, it gives us something to talk about. But I’m so over the Ravens and Steelers yapping at the mouth. Anytime Hines Ward doesn’t feed into it, you know this is boredom talk and folks just need to do something… ANYTHING… to keep football on their minds.

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