Texans WR Does “Cribs: Lock Out” Video

I feel bad for these players. They are usually getting ready to prepare for training camp around this time. Instead they are bored out of their minds because of the lockout. But Texans WR David Anderson has made light to a serious situation.

Anderson created a Lockout edition of “Cribs”, modeled off the popular MTV show. Anderson shows us around his *cough*little*cough* apartment, even cracking a few jokes in the process (his guest room is actually his living room, and his TV in the “master bedroom” doesn’t work.

I had no idea who Anderson was before this video. The 6th year player has been a lifetime backup, but in 2010 he contributed in 5 games, including against my Ravens… *shrugs*

In any event, this video is pretty funny. He channels his inner Reggie Noble and does a Redman-like version of Cribs.

S/O to the lovely @iLuvTerricka for the link

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