Marriage Proposal By Mail Goes Wrong, Cowboys WR Sues For Ring Back

With all of the players taking the time to get married during the lockout (Joe Flacco and Tony Romo have tied the knot already, while Ben Roethlisberger is set to be married the end of the month), one guy won’t be getting married and wants his ring after he- get this- proposed marriage through the mail.

Cowboys WR Roy WIlliams filed a lawsuit against Brooke Daniels (Former Miss Texas), for a ring he bought her in the amount of $76,000.

According to the Dallas News, Williams sent the ring in the mail to Daniels along with a recorded proposal. The proposal came as a pre-Valentine’s Day surprise along with $5,000 for bills and a baseball for Daniels’ brother. Daniels rejected the proposal and failed to return the ring, according to the affidavit.

According to Daniels’ father, Williams then allegedly told her to keep the ring because she would eventually come back to him. She didn’t. Now he wants the ring back.

Am I the only one that feels like Roy Williams stays losing in football life and now, real life? Williams has had scrutiny around him ever since the day Jerry Jones traded a 1st, 3rd and 6th round pick to Detroit for him. He’s never lived up to his high expectations since going to Dallas, allowing others guys such as Miles Austin to bypass him on the depth chart.

To add insult to injury, dude sends a ring and proposal in the mail, only to be shot down… that has to suck pretty bad….

I’m not helping right now, am I???

Keep ya head up Roy! Next time, propose in real life so if she says no, you can take it back right away!

2 thoughts on “Marriage Proposal By Mail Goes Wrong, Cowboys WR Sues For Ring Back”

  1. What the world?! That makes no sense. The mail?! He’s crazy but if she didn’t want to be with him she should have returned the ring even if he did say she could keep it.


  2. Guess ‘ol Roy doesn’t do good in big spots(how many catches did you drop). This business needs to be kept between the two parties to avoid the extra embarrassment, I say extra because he’s a Longhorn nuff said (Roll Tide)


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