Ray Lewis, Tony Gonzalez Star In Field Of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout

The lockout has been going on so long, that players have been finding ways to stay busy. This time, a collective group of players came together to do a spoof video in regards to their current situation.

Funny Or Die.com posted a “Field Of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout”, starring Taylor Lautner from the famous Twilight phenomenon. Tons of NFL cameos are in the video, including Ray Lewis, Tony Gonzalez, DeSean Jackson and Dwight Freeney, just to name a few.

Modeling off the popular movie, “Field Of Dreams” which starred Kevin Costner, Lautner hears voices which he interprets to building a football field on his Iowa corn field. Once he does, the NFL comes to him.

It’s a cute movie and a blog filler for folks like myself who live and breathe football news. Since I can’t count down the days to training camp or do actual team reviews because free agency hasn’t even started yet, this video will do.


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