Darnell Dockett Has Pet Alligator But PETA Is NOT Pleased!

Cardinals DT Darnell Dockett LOVES his Twitter account. He tells us everything, including his current run-in with the police. This time, he shared that he has purchased a pet alligator by the name of Nino.

Well, it didn’t take long for the Animal Loving Attention Wh*res AKA PETA found out about it and sent him a letter, expressing their displeasure in his choice of pet. Here’s a look at the letter sent to Dockett:

Dear Mr. Dockett,

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) was alerted this week to media reports indicating that you recently purchased a baby American alligator from the Florida Everglades and that you intend to keep him as a captive pet. Please know that Florida heavily regulates the keeping of alligators and that it’s unlawful to keep an alligator as a pet anywhere in the state of Arizona without a special permit. These prohibitive laws and regulations exist because, in addition to posing a threat to public safety, wild animals suffer greatly in captivity.

Alligators in the wild roam freely with members of their own kind, travel long distances, and thrive in the rivers and lakes that they call home. When confined, wild animals will exhibit neurotic and self-destructive behaviors because of extreme boredom, stress, and frustration at being unable to engage in natural behaviors. Keeping an alligator as a pet is simply unfair to the animal. It also poses grave dangers to you and others. By their very nature, these animals are unpredictable and can inflict serious harm. Reptiles are also common carriers of salmonella. You would be held liable for any damage, injuries, or illnesses caused by the alligator.

Respectfully, we ask that you carefully consider this information. Please know that we stand ready to help find a suitable habitat for this animal. May we please hear that you will do the right thing?


Michelle Cho


Of course no one is surprised that PETA felt the need to share their displeasure to a celebrity/athlete.. that’s what they do. Not saying that don’t have a point, because alligators are dangerous animals. But I’m more concerned as to why he chose an alligator? Dockett went to Florida State… the Seminoles are rivals of the Florida Gators. Is there some undercover Gator love Dockett’s showing? I say yes. We accept you, Mr. Dockett, with open arms. You and Nino!

5 thoughts on “Darnell Dockett Has Pet Alligator But PETA Is NOT Pleased!”

  1. gotta agree with PETA on this one. I don’t care what your opinion of this organization is, because if you read the letter, there is absolutely nothing to contest. This is a selfish move by a player who may feel that he can have whatever he wants, but the letter speaks for the smarter half of this American society.

    You used the term ‘attention whores’, when it should be abundantly clear that anyone so proud of their daily affairs, from the mundane to the perhaps a bit less mundane that they broadcast them to the masses regularly is just such a whore.


    1. I agree with the first post. PETA didnt come off in a threatening way at all they just were very matter of fact and stated the facts. Alligators are not domesticated animals. Some of the behavior they listed is common in dogs as well if they are kept caged up and isolated, and we know that dogs are HIGHLY domesticated.

      I hope that alligator bites his thumb off.


  2. If you check his twitter you can clearly see he DID NOT buy an alligator, rather a picture to be taken with an alligator. It is a rescue site, they do not sell their sanctuary residents.


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