Chris Kluwe Has A Twitter Toast For The Douchebags

Who is Chris Kluwe, you ask? Oh, just the punter for the Minnesota Vikings. Kluwe isn’t too happy with Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Logan Mankins and Vincent Jackson, all whom are listed on the antitrust case. It was reported earlier that Mankins and Jackson may demand free agency or $10 million payout in exchange for their signature to settle the case. Manning and Brees later came into play because they would like to be exempt fully from the franchise tag.

Enters Chris Kluwe, who took his frustration to Twitter to express his feelings about their actions:

Who knew that punters were so fiery!

If this info is true, I’m with Kluwe all the way. These guys need to sit down and stop trying to look out for self. Four guys shouldn’t hold up what 1900 men represent and want, which is to play football. The fact that Kluwe spoke about it in his Kanye-esque tweet shows that guys want the lockout to end and football to be back. I’m holding my glass up, too, Chris Kluwe. Let’s have a toast for the douchebags!

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