Jim Leonhard Wants Athletes To Stop Wearing Stickers


NY Jets Safety Jim Leonhard wants to give you a PSA: Wearing black stickers under your eyes sends a bad message to today’s youth. As a matter of fact, Leonhard thinks those black stickers are actually pretty feminine, saying:

“Call me old school, but when I think of wearing stickers, I envision my niece and her dollies.”

Leonhard is actually endorsing Farkas Original Eye Black, a black eye paint founded by the grandson of Washington Redskins great Andy “Anvil” Farkas. Looks to me like Farkas paid Leonhard a nice piece of change to get guys off the black sticker craze and back to the old days, when guys painted their faces. This PSA is pretty funny.  I wonder how many people will actually go out and buy it, especially when it’s much easier and less messy to peel stickers on and off.



2 thoughts on “Jim Leonhard Wants Athletes To Stop Wearing Stickers”

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