Video: A Recap Of Purple Evening


Last week, I was able to attend the 5th annual Purple Evening event, held at M&T Bank Stadium. The Ravens event has been a success since starting the event, and the Ravens boast as having the most female fans.

Each year, players past and present come to sign autographs and take pictures. The ladies can also learn about football, as the event has Football 101 classes. From face painting, to interactive activities to “purple martinis”, this is a great event for every woman to attend.

Memo to the other NFL teams: Maybe it’s time to show us female fans some love. We love football, too. At least one team got it right

7 thoughts on “Video: A Recap Of Purple Evening”

  1. Great event and I think more teams are starting to acknowledge their female fans. Maybe they took some notes from the Ravens since they’ve been so successful. I know the Redskins just started a “Women of Washington” initiative with weekly events, tailgates, etc. and the Panthers are revving up some things too.

    But I definitely like how the Ravens have done it… one of the best I’ve seen.


  2. Looks like an awesome event. The Falcons used to host Football 101 for women. I went from 2004-2006. I don’t know why they stopped but it was a great fundraiser for breast cancer awareness/research. I hope it returns.


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