Video: First And Goal With Ravens RB Ray Rice

Last week during Nike’s NFL Launch, I had a chance to chat with a few players. Among them were one of my favorite guys on and off the field, Mr. Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens.

Ray and I talked about getting over it (By, “it”, I mean the heartbreaking AFC Championship game in January), how the Ravens continue to stay competitive after losing big impact guys and defending his QB, Joe Flacco.

One thing I didn’t get a chance to talk to him about was his current contract situation. Rice was tagged by the Ravens as their franchise player this offseason, while trying to sign him to a deal long-term. Hopefully, this will all be over with soon and Rice will have his deal. If not, I’ll be sure to ask him about it during his foundation event in Baltimore May 12th.

Thanks to Ray for being a great guy and a better interviewee (or as I call him, my football BFF). Is it July yet??

One thought on “Video: First And Goal With Ravens RB Ray Rice”

  1. Great interview, Reeta! Personally, I’m not digging the black “lapels” on the new uni’s.

    Hope you will consider a “guest-post” on Baltimore Beatdown at some point. Nice meeting you on PressBox Live and hope to see you again.



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