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Seven Reasons Why Baltimore Belongs To Ray Lewis


There are some things that will always be synonymous with the city of Baltimore: there’s the delicious MD crab cakes; the hit TV series, “The Wire”; and Ray Anthony Lewis, middle linebacker of the Ravens. From fans heading to M&T Bank Stadium to see #52 do his pre-game dance live and in-person, to becoming the face of a new franchise, Ray Lewis was the “end all, be all” to a city looking to become relevant in the football world once again. Today I reflect on seven reasons why Baltimore will always be Ray Lewis’ city. Why only seven? Well, Ray wears No. 52 and 5+2 equals 7, ironically the number of new beginnings, which speaks to his upcoming new chapter after football.


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Video: The NFL Chick’s Week 7 Picks


TGIF boys and girls! Sorry I wasn’t able to post a video last week. I had technical difficulties that somehow resurfaced this week, but I found a way to overcome it!

This week’s video is my own rendition of Chris Berman’s, “Fastest 3 Minutes”, but instead I did it in about 2. Hope you enjoy and hopefully next week I’ll be back on track to give you the longer version.


Video: The NFL Chick’s Picks- Week 5

This week, I focus in the Fab 4 games of Eagle/Steelers, Broncos/Patriots, Chargers/Saints and Falcons/Redskins. Somewhere along the line you’ll find a Price Is Right, Florida Gators and Martin reference in this week’s video blog.

Thanks to for the fantasy tips!

Video: The NFL Chick’s Week 3 Picks

Last week I did pretty good with my picks (minus the Ravens pick.. Meh!), but i want to up the ante a little this week. With so many unpredictable matchups this weekend, it was extremely hard for me to pick 4 great games to pick from. So I randmonly picked a few quality games that fans will be interested in this weekend.

I also have a brief moment of distraction, as I show my love for Chargers QB Philip Rivers…. I do apologize for the brief interruption.

TGIF everyone! The Weekend has arrived! Happy watching.



The NFL Chick’s Picks- Week 2 Edition

Week 2 is underway and hopefully it’s better than last week. In doing my predictions for I thought I’d do better than 2-4, but that’s what the NFL is the first few weeks- a crap shoot. This week I try to do better as I pick from the hottest 6 games of the week.

In addition to picks, I’ve decided to give you guys some fantasy football tips for the week, courtesy of Ken Zalis at Hopefully these tips can help you get the points which will lead to FF domination!

Feel free to comment how genius I look or how silly I appear in my hat (bad hair week). Enjoy the video and the games this weekend.

Video: The NFL Chick’s 2012 NFL Predictions


If you’re a football fan like myself, then you’re absolutely ecstatic about the return of football. SInce the beginning of February I’ve had this week circled on my calendar and it;s finally returned to mama!

As always,  the beginning of a new season means every analyst and expert gives us their rundown of how the teams will season at the beginning of each season. It’s only fair that I do the same thing, or my namesake is in huge jeopardy! Of course there are a couple of surprise picks in my predictions, but that’s what the NFL is all about- surprises.

Here’s my predictions for the 2012 NFL season. Feel free to tell me how genius I am with my picks- or how idiotic they sound if you disagree.