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The Lockout Post: Who To Follow, Where To Find Info

Since the lockout began in March, I’ve gone out of my way to avoid talking much about the NFL Lockout. A part of me knows how the media LOVES to beat a dead horse, give us false optimism, misdirecting information and other frustrating things that makes you want to be done with following football. While this post is probably 4 months late, it’s still relevant. Fans deserve to get the most accurate info, especially now after yesterday’s events.

This will be the one and only post do regarding the actual lockout and CBA agreement. So much going on with the owners approving the proposal, yet the players haven’t to signed off on it. I’ve listed some websites as well as Twitter pages that are the best way to get the latest (and LEGIT) scoop with what’s going on, from the inside execs to the outside media that I find to be reliable in this process, just click on the name and it will direct you. Hope this helps.



Full language of NFL Comprehensive Agreement

NFL Lockout


CBS Sports NFL

Twitter feeds:

Greg Aiello, NFL

George Atallah, NFLPA

Albert Breer, NFL Network

Jason LaCanfora, NFL Network

Chris Mortensen, ESPN

Adam Schefter, ESPN

Mike Freeman, CBSSports

Full language of NFL agreement owners approved (If you’re too lazy to go over to their website)

NFL clubs approved today the terms of a comprehensive settlement of litigation and a new 10-year collective bargaining agreement with the NFL Players Association.

The vote was taken at a league meeting in Atlanta where the clubs were briefed on the terms of the agreement and the rules for the transition into the new League Year. The agreement must be ratified by the NFL Players Association in order for the league year to begin.

“We are pleased to announce that our clubs have approved the terms of a long-term negotiated agreement with the NFL players,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “It includes many positive changes that emerged from a spirit of compromise rooted in doing what is best for the game and players. DeMaurice Smith and his team, and the players and owners involved in the negotiations, deserve great credit for their skill and professionalism. If approved by the players, this agreement will allow the league and its players to continue to benefit from the NFL’s popularity and will afford a unique opportunity to deliver to fans an even better, safer, and more competitive game in the future.

“On behalf of the NFL, our teams and players, I want to express our deep appreciation to Chief Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan. Judge Boylan was the court-appointed mediator, but his contributions far exceeded that role. His patience, determination, and commitment helped keep everyone focused on the goal, and helped lead us to today’s announcement.”

The NFL announced that players can begin voluntary workouts at club facilities on July 23 if the NFLPA Executive Board approves the settlement terms. Following the reconstitution of the NFLPA as a union and approval of the new CBA by the NFLPA membership, the League Year and free agency signings will start at 2:00 PM ET on July 27 and training camps for all teams will open on July 27. Day one activities will be limited to physicals, meetings, and conditioning. Players will practice without pads on days two and three.

As part of the transition rules for the 2011 League Year, the parties have agreed that the CBA’s specified deadlines for certain free agency contract tenders will be delayed to the dates indicated below. For example, the deadline for the CBA’s “June 1 Tender” to Unrestricted Free Agents will be changed from June 1 to August 12.

Following are key dates on the revised 2011 League Calendar, contingent upon ratification of the agreement by the players prior to these dates:


July 23 Voluntary training, conditioning and classroom instruction permitted until first day of clubs’ preseason training camps.

July 23 Pre-2011 League Year Period commences. 2011 Free Agency List to be issued and will become effective on the first day of the 2011 League Year (July 27). Clubs/players may begin to renegotiate contracts. Clubs may begin to sign Drafted Rookies and their own UFAs, RFAs, Exclusive Rights Players and Franchise Players.

July 23 Waivers begin for the 2011 League Year.

July 23 Starting at 2:00 PM ET, clubs may negotiate with, but not sign, Undrafted Rookie Free Agents, free agents, and other clubs’ UFAs, RFAs, and Franchise Players.

July 24 Starting at 2:00 PM ET, clubs may begin to sign undrafted rookie free agents.

July 27 2011 League Year commences at 2:00 PM ET, provided NFLPA has ratified CBA. Free Agency Signing Period begins. Clubs may sign free agents and other clubs’ Unrestricted Free Agents. Clubs may sign Offer Sheets. Trading period begins. All Clubs must be under the Salary Cap. Top 51 rule applies.

July 27 Expand rosters to 90-man limit.

July 27 Training Camps open for all clubs, provided NFLPA has ratified CBA. Day One activities limited to physicals, meetings, and conditioning. No pads permitted on Day Two or Day Three.


August 9 Deadline for players under contract to report to their clubs to earn an Accrued Season for free agency.

August 11-15 First Preseason Weekend

August 12 Deadline for signing of Offer Sheets by Restricted Free Agents.     (17-day period concludes)

August 12 Deadline for June 1 Tender to Unrestricted Free Agents. If the player has not signed a Player Contract with a Club by August 26, he may negotiate or sign a Player Contract from August 26 until the Tuesday following the tenth week of the regular season, at 4:00 PM ET, only with his Prior Club.

August 12 Deadline: if a Drafted Rookie has not signed a Player Contract by this date, he cannot be traded during his initial League Year and may sign a Player Contract only with the drafting Club until the day of the Draft in the next League Year.

August 13-17 Each Club has until five days prior to its second preseason game to provide any tendered but unsigned Exclusive Rights Player or Restricted Free Agent with written notice of the Club’s intent to place the player on the Exempt List if the player fails to report at least the day before the Club’s second preseason game.

August 16 Deadline for Prior Club to exercise Right of First Refusal to Restricted Free Agents. (Four-day matching period conlcudes)

August 17 Deadline for June 1 Tender to Restricted Free Agents who have received a Qualifying Offer for a Right of First Refusal Only.

August 18-22 Second Preseason Weekend.

August 25-28 Third Preseason Weekend.

August 26 Signing Period ends for Unrestricted Free Agents who received the June 1 Tender.

August 29 Deadline for June 15 Tender to Restricted Free Agents. If player’s Qualifying Offer is greater than 110% of the player’s prior year’s Paragraph 5 Salary (with all other terms of his prior year contract carried forward unchanged), the Club may withdraw the Qualifying Offer on August 29 and retain its exclusive negotiating rights to the player, so long as the Club immediately tenders the player a one-year Player Contract of at least 110% of his prior year’s Paragraph 5 Salary, with all the terms of his prior year’s contract carried forward unchanged.

August 30 Clubs reduce rosters from 90 players to 75 players.


September 1-2 Fourth Preseason Weekend.

September 3 Clubs reduce rosters to 53 players.

September 8-12 First Regular-Season Weekend.

September 18-19 Second Regular-Season Weekend

September 20 Deadline at 4:00 PM ET for any Club that designated a Franchise Player to sign such player to a multi-year contract or extension.

If approved by the players, the new collective bargaining agreement will include the following key terms:


  • The fixed term of the agreement covers the 2011 through 2020 seasons and includes the 2021 draft.


  • Immediate implementation of changes to promote player health and safety by:
  1. Reducing the off-season program by five weeks, reducing OTAs from 14 to 10;
  2. Limiting on-field practice time and contact;
  3. Limiting full-contact practices in the preseason and regular season;
  4. Increasing number of days off for players.
  • Opportunity for current players to remain in the player medical plan for life.
  • An enhanced injury protection benefit of up to $1 million of a player’s salary for the contract year after his injury and up to $500,000 in the second year after his injury.
  • No change to the 16-4 season format until at least 2013; any subsequent increase in the number of regular-season games must be made by agreement with the NFL Players Association.
  • $50 million per year joint fund for medical research, healthcare programs, and NFL Charities, including NFLPA-related charities.


  • Over the next 10 years, additional funding for retiree benefits of between $900 million and $1 billion. The largest single amount, $620 million, will be used for a new “Legacy Fund,” which will be devoted to increasing pensions for pre-1993 retirees.
  • Other improvements will be made to post-career medical options, the disability plan, the 88 Plan, career transition and degree completion programs, and the Player Care Plan.


  • An annual Draft of seven rounds plus compensatory picks for teams which lose free agents.
  • Unrestricted free agency for players after four accrued seasons; restricted free agency for players with three accrued seasons.
  • Free agency exceptions (franchise and transition players).


  • New entry-level compensation system including the following elements:
  1. All drafted players sign four-year contracts.
  2. Undrafted free agents sign three-year contracts.
  3. Maximum total compensation per draft class.
  4. Limited contract terms.
  5. Strong anti-holdout rules.
  6. Clubs have option to extend the contract of a first-round draftee for a fifth year, based on agreed-upon tender amounts.
  • Creation of new fund to redistribute, beginning in 2012, savings from new rookie pay system to current and retired player benefits and a veteran player performance pool.


  • Salary cap plus benefits of $142.4 million per club in 2011 ($120.375 million for salary and bonus) and at least that amount in 2012 and 2013.
  • Beginning in 2012, salary cap to be set based on a combined share of “all revenue,” a new model differentiated by revenue source with no expense reductions. Players will receive 55 percent of national media revenue, 45 percent of NFL Ventures revenue, and 40 percent of local club revenue.
  • Beginning in 2012, annual “true up” to reflect revenue increases or decreases versus projections.
  • Clubs receive credit for actual stadium investment and up to 1.5 percent of revenue each year.
  • Player share must average at least 47 percent for the 10-year term of the agreement.
  • League-wide commitment to cash spending of 99 percent of the cap in 2011 and 2012.
  • For the 2013-2016 seasons, and again for the 2017-2020 seasons, the clubs collectively will commit to cash spending of at least 95 percent of the cap.
  • Each club committed to cash spending of 89 percent of the cap from 2013-2016 and 2017-2020.
  • Increases to minimum salaries of 10 percent in Year 1 with continuing increases each year of the agreement.


  • Special transition rules to protect veteran players in 2011. All teams will have approximately $3.5 million in what would otherwise be performance-based pay available to fund veteran player salaries.
  • Each club may “borrow” up to $3 million in cap room from a future year, which may be used to support veteran player costs.
  • In 2012, each club may “borrow” up to $1.5 million in cap room from a future year. Both these amounts would be repaid in future years.


  • No judicial oversight of the agreement. Neutral arbitrators jointly appointed by the NFL and NFLPA will resolve disputes as appropriate.
  • Settlement of all pending litigation.

Chris Kluwe Has A Twitter Toast For The Douchebags

Who is Chris Kluwe, you ask? Oh, just the punter for the Minnesota Vikings. Kluwe isn’t too happy with Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Logan Mankins and Vincent Jackson, all whom are listed on the antitrust case. It was reported earlier that Mankins and Jackson may demand free agency or $10 million payout in exchange for their signature to settle the case. Manning and Brees later came into play because they would like to be exempt fully from the franchise tag.

Enters Chris Kluwe, who took his frustration to Twitter to express his feelings about their actions:

Who knew that punters were so fiery!

If this info is true, I’m with Kluwe all the way. These guys need to sit down and stop trying to look out for self. Four guys shouldn’t hold up what 1900 men represent and want, which is to play football. The fact that Kluwe spoke about it in his Kanye-esque tweet shows that guys want the lockout to end and football to be back. I’m holding my glass up, too, Chris Kluwe. Let’s have a toast for the douchebags!

Reeta’s Random Thoughts Vol. 2

End The Motherf*$%&n Lockout!!!

I’m ready for the lockout to be over…like NOW!! I swear, when they get a new deal done I’m going to stanky leg all over M&T Bank stadium. I don’t know what life is like without football and I’m not ready to find out (was too young to care as much about the last NFL stoppage). There are so many things we as fans have to get up to speed on. Fantasy football drafts, away game plans, home game plans, kickoff parties… and the list can continue. Please, get this deal before Ray Lewis looks like Nostradamus with his “crime will increase” prediction.

Primetime Loves The Kids

I went to Atlanta this past weekend for Deion Sanders’ TRUTH tournament, which involved youth football teams from TX, GA and my hometown of Baltimore. It was a great experience not only for me to witness, but for the children competing as well. Seeing athletes such as Sanders, Falcons CB Dunta Robinson, Redskins CB DeAngelo Hall and retired players Jamal Lewis and Keion Carpenter be involved in helping these kids learn about football as well as life was a beautiful thing. Whether we like it or not, children admire and even idolize athletes more and more. To have them show the children that yes, they do care about their futures and want to be a part of helping them grow from boys to men is part of the positives we don’t talk about often, which is unfortunate. I had the opportunity to interview Primetime, and he mentioned that they had to reach out to the boys, because they are becoming lost and nurturing them is key. I couldn’t agree more. You’ll get to see the video early in the week. You won’t be disappointed.

Reeta <3’s the Sanders!

Speaking of Sanders, he and his wife Pilar are not only a great looking couple, they are great people as well. Of course, I don’t know them personally (in my mind, we are BFFs, but my imagination is a great one), but famous people don’t have to fake the funk. They can be who they are because, well, they’re famous. Contrary to my popular belief, Primetime is extremely soft spoken (reason #1 why vid isn’t up yet, had to make audio changes), and Pilar’s spirit is as beautiful as her exterior. It really is refreshing to see folks be down to earth and even be humbled. I wish them nothing but the best in their future endeavors.

Women’s World Cup

Am I the only one that had a bad feeling overcome them when the Women’s USA team allowed Japan to score to take the game to extra time? I had a feeling they were going to lose, mainly because Japan was extremely resilient and refused to give up. Every chance USA had to keep the ball away from Japan to run the clock out and win, they failed. Japan continued to find a way to stay in the game and ultimately won the World Cup. With all Japan has been through the past year, let them rejoice and celebrate a great win, as yesterday’s game was just that. Congrats to Japan. USA, keep your head up, you played damn good yourselves. And I have no idea what I’m talking about, since I’m not an avid soccer watcher, but it sounds about right so I’m gonna ride with it.

“Beats, Rhymes and Life” Is A Must-See

If you are a fan of the hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest, I suggest you see “Beats, Rhymes and Life” the minute it hits your city. I am a HUGE ATCQ fan and I will say it was a great documentary without any bias. In fact, I plan on seeing it again. I won’t talk about it in detail, but if you always wanted to know the scoop on the popular group, this is the movie to see. Director Michael Rapaport (Remy from Higher Learning) really gives us an inside look at the group’s beginning, rise to fame and unfortunate fall. Trust me when I say, you won’t be disappointed.

Ray Lewis: “We’re Here To Make The World A Better Place” (Video)

Ravens LB Ray Lewis sat down with SI.com about his thoughts on the current lockout situation. Lewis thinks that the NFL and NFLPA meeting face to face is better than any other form of communication, otherwise you “lose steam” in getting a new deal done.

Lewis gets real preachy (what’s new) when talking about how the two sides should come together and settle their differences. But in speaking about his NFL peers, Lewis says that the players as well as other athletes, “are here for one thing. To make the world a better place. If we here to be the role models for these kids then give us the opportunity to be the role model for them, that’s all every athlete is saying…….”


Ray, I know you mean well, but I don’t think athletes should be where kids look to as role models. It’s not that I don’t think there are tons of positive athletes out there. It’s the media perception that concerns me. The media likes to point out the negatives, especially with athletes. With the recent arrests of Hines Ward and Adam “Pacman” Jones, I’m not sure this is a bright idea.

I love Ray Lewis, but I think he truly believes he’s the NFL Players Ambassador (a lot of that has to do with the close relationships he has with so many players). It’s kinda hard to speak for everyone, especially when you know there are players who don’t give a damn about being a role model. I’m sure Aqib Talib doesn’t think he’s the best role model for children, and he’d be right. I understand you want to get back on the field and would use any reason to get there, though. But that’s a reach

Check out the video in it’s entirety


Stevie Johnson Makes Another “Marvin’s Room” Remix

Another day in the lockout world, another player finding new hobbies. Players have WAY too much time on their hands when they should be thinking about training camp right now. SInce the lockout doesn’t allow them to, it’s open season on dumb stuff for them to do.

This time, it’s Bills WR Stevie Johnson, who created the, “Athlete’s Room”. The Athlete’s Room is a NFL version of “Marvin’s Room”, the popular Drake song that has been remixed a few times in the past few days.

I guess it doesn’t sound too bad, but I’m over players trying to be rappers. First it was Chris Johnson’s awful tone dial song, then Chad OchoCinco going to the studio with Lil Wayne and Birdman.

Let me know what you think about it

Texans WR Does “Cribs: Lock Out” Video

I feel bad for these players. They are usually getting ready to prepare for training camp around this time. Instead they are bored out of their minds because of the lockout. But Texans WR David Anderson has made light to a serious situation.

Anderson created a Lockout edition of “Cribs”, modeled off the popular MTV show. Anderson shows us around his *cough*little*cough* apartment, even cracking a few jokes in the process (his guest room is actually his living room, and his TV in the “master bedroom” doesn’t work.

I had no idea who Anderson was before this video. The 6th year player has been a lifetime backup, but in 2010 he contributed in 5 games, including against my Ravens… *shrugs*

In any event, this video is pretty funny. He channels his inner Reggie Noble and does a Redman-like version of Cribs.

S/O to the lovely @iLuvTerricka for the link

Video: Chris Cooley And Fred Davis Getting Their Wrestle On

This is what the NFL has come to. Instead of me writing about minicamps and training camp coming soon, I’m now writing about how Redskins TEs Chris Cooley and Fred Davis fared, wrestling each other after a practice that the players coordinated themselves.

These two look foolish, but you can tell that this is NOT the first time they’ve probably gone at it. I’m thinking there’s more to it, since they play the same position. Yeah, it starts as a joke. But the winning TE gets bragging rights. Cooley wins anyway, mainly because he has a chant amongst Redskins fans, something Davis has yet to accomplish.