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Steelers Suffer Super Bowl Hangover

The Steelers are still dealing with losing the Super Bowl last weekend, but they are keeping a bunch of doctors busy right now. Tons of injuries by key players and all are looking to rehab and/or repair their problem ASAP. Here’s a rundown of injuries the Steelers are facing.

Troy Polamalu

Achilles tendon injury suffered during season (says he’s fine, no surgery needed)

Aaron Smith

Torn triceps suffered on Oct. 24th

Maurkice Pouncey

High ankle sprain suffered in AFC Championship

James Harrison

Shoulder surgery that he suffered against divisional playoff game against Ravens (scheduled to have surgery soon)

Emmanuel Sanders

Broken foot that he suffered in the Super Bowl

Hines Ward

Surgery for ligament damage in his thumb and cartilage cleaning in his knee

Ben Roethlisberger

[insert any injury here]

The Steelers are pretty banged up. With the CBA being ready to expire on March 3rd, players will not have healthcare until a new agreement is into place. I’m sure they’re looking to fix their ailments now, while they still have insurance that the league supplies them with.

Wednesday Roundup: 50K Cold Fans, The Fridge And Trick Plays

Fifty thousand Packers fans filled Lambeau Field yesterday to welcome and thank their Super Bowl champions in bringing the Lombardi Trophy back to its original place. Despite the fact the it was 5 degrees with a negative windchill factor, fans paid the $5 and weathered the cold to get a glimpse of the team, the trophy and to celebrate.

I love my Ravens and I’ve been out in the cold many a times to see them play. But I’ll be damned if I can hang out in weather with a -14 wind chill factor. Packers fans are probably used to it, and I’m sure it was well worth the wait. I would surely watch that at home, though…

Even my new NFL crush Aaron Rodgers looked frigid out there in the cold….

Don’t worry, Aaron. I’m here to warm you up! (if you missed my new professed love for ARodg, check it out here)

Former Bears player William “Refrigerator” Perry is dealing with a major decline in health as he battles alcoholism. Perry is currently topping off at 400 lbs, doesn’t exercise and is dealing with the overwhelming need to have a drink every single day.

We hear about most former players battling pain killer addiction and other drugs, but never really alcoholism. Most of us know someone that’s battling this awful disease, so Perry’s struggles are too familiar to a lot of folks. Hopefully he can get the help he needs before it’s too late.

And finally, I found this pretty awesome video via courant.com. UConn QB Johnny McEntee did a video with a bunch of trick plays while throwing the pigskin around. The redshirt junior doesn’t have any stats to quote, which is probably why he made this video. Looks to me like he’s vying for some playing time for 2011. If he’s as accurate with blitzing LBs on him as he is in this video, I say give the boy a chance!

Video: Recap Of Super Bowl XLV

I tried to put this into words yesterday, but it was just too much. So I decided to put my thoughts on this vlog instead. I discussed everything that was a part of Super Bowl XLV. Pardon my excitement, as I stuttered a couple of times. I could have easily taken it out, but for what? My excitement took over, sue me! I hope you enjoyed my little production.


Super Bowl XLV Recap from The NFL Chick on Vimeo.

Black And Yellow VS. Green And Yellow-Which Is Better??

So we all know that Pittsburgh’s Wiz Khalifa has the hit, “Black and Yellow” blasting the airwaves all across the country. He even did a remix featuring T-Pain, Juicy J and  Snoop Dogg (surprise, surprise… Snoop’s a Steelers fans).

Well now Lil Wayne wants to add his own version and remake the song for his Packers (which is shocking, since I seriously thought Weezy was a Saints fan, but I digress…..). Using the beat from the popular song, Wayne does a remix and calls it, “Green and Yellow”

So which one is better, the original version from the newbie or the remix from the fan fave?? You be the judge. (Disclaimer: Some of the language is NSFW)

Video: Super Bowl Commercial Spoilers

As much as I love the game of football and the Super Bowl, I love the commercials that are played on Sunday. This year, commercials have been leaked on the world wide web, giving us an idea of what we can expect to see during those infamous TV timeouts. I would leak my commercial, too, if I paid a whopping $3 million dollars for some SB airtime.

Here are a few sneak peeks of what to expect this Sunday.


Careerbuilder (FHL)

Pepsi Max

E*Trade Uncensored (Hilarious!)

To check out all of the other new commercials coming out this weekend, click here.

Video: NFL Players Take Part In “Porn Sunday”


Okay so it’s not what you initially think. But it’s a crazy title, nonetheless. Former and current NFL players have joined forces with xxxchurch.com, a website that helps people with porn addiction. As we all know, this upcoming Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday, but the website has claimed this weekend as, “Porn Sunday”, using familiar players to help with the cause.

John Kitna, Matt Hasslebeck, Josh McCown and others voice their opinions about the crusade against porn.

Well alright!

My mama always said if you don’t stand for something, you fall for anything. Good luck on the crusade, guys. Not sure if anyone will consider this Sunday, “Porn Sunday”, though. If you haven’t heard, the Steelers and Packers are playing for the Vince Lombardi trophy that day. But hopefully it reaches those who are in need of help. Click here for more info.


X3watch.com from XXXchurch on Vimeo.

Who Will Win Super Bowl XLV?

Now that the wait is over and we know who’s going to the Super Bowl, it’s a little bitter sweet for fans. Let’s face it: the supposed “big” game is rarely all it’s cracked up to be. It’s usually the lead-up to the championship that keeps everyone on their toes.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, although they’ve won 6 Super Bowl titles and have appeared now in 8, are an old-school team, boring and slow on offense with a ground-and-pound approach and a stingy defense that, like usual, is ranked high in the NFL (#1 in 2010 for total YPG).

The Green Bay Packers, led by the now-free-of-Favre’s-shadow Aaron Rodgers, are a more explosive team on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball, but yet they’re still not the sexy choice for NFC representatives.

It is what it is, however, and while this isn’t a Drew Bress vs. Peyton Manning rematch, or even a Tom Brady vs. Matt Ryan showdown, Big Ben and Mr. Rodgers are certainly nothing to sneeze at. Sure, it’s not that great on paper. No one expects the over to exceed around 35. But with these teams in this atmosphere, we might just see the best Super Bowl in a long, long time.

Currently, the Green Bay Packers are favored by about a field goal universally. Of course, betting on football—especially the Super Bowl—isn’t like betting on online blackjack games. Nothing’s set in stone, nothing’s quantifiable; it’s all up for grabs. Even still, that’s a fairly safe bet as we see it.

Pittsburgh’s run defense is monstrous, stuffing everyone, but it’s also exploitable by way of play action and an ironically Roethlisberger-like mobile quarterback, ala Aaron Rodgers.

One thing neither the Ravens nor the Jets had was a playmaker at the QB position. Sanchez and Flacco are both pretty good pocket passers, but their ability to extend a play is about as good as that can of Crystal Pepsi you have in the basement. Rodgers, on the other hand, was second only to Michael Vick in rushing yards from the helm, and he has put the belt on all season long with rushing TD after rushing TD.

The Steelers are exploitable here because they’re not fast enough to cover all the bases. They will stuff the run, surely, but quick slants, deep outs, broken plays, and potential third down conversions all work in the Packers’ favor due to the type of dynamic, switch-‘em-up O they bring with them to Cowboys Stadium.

The game should remain very close, however, as the Steelers’ offense is definitely not a pushover. We all bore witness to what Rashard Mendenhall did to the third-ranked defense in the league, the New York Jets (Just Envy the Steelers?), and Big Ben can also turn broken plays into sandlot football and pick up key yardage in tough situations.

Many feel as if this game is a toss-up, the proverbial roll of the dice or a spin on the no download slots reel. But just like Pittsburgh did to the Jets in the first half, the Green Bay Packers should be able to dominate time of possession and keep the Steelers off the field.

Other than a forced throw in Chicago that resulted in an Urlacher INT, Rodgers has been playing out of his mind. Roethlisberger, conversely, threw 2 INTs vs. the Jets and should have thrown 4 to 6, and he wasn’t exactly Troy Aikman in his previous playoff game against the Ravens.

In the first half with the Ravens and the second half with the Jets, the Steelers were only on the field physically. Their spirits were in the locker room or off somewhere trying to send Jenn Sterger photos of their junk.

When Super Sunday rolls around, the Steelers will need to play all 60 minutes – something they’re not really accustomed to, whereas Green Bay has yet to take a down off all postseason.

When it’s all said and done, the Packers can keep the ball away from the Steelers and hold on to a lead late. True, Pittsburgh is going to score on Green Bay’s defense. They can’t match the Steelers’ physicality. But the object of the game isn’t to score; it’s to score more than your opponent.

This is something that the Steelers will fail to do, and we predict that the final score will be Green Bay 30 and Pittsburgh 24 – covering the spread but still a great game that comes down to some fourth quarter heroics.