A Bet Is A Bet: Colin Kaepernick Shaves his Eyebrow In Losing Bet With Russell Wilson



Looks like 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick is a man of his word. He and Seahawks QB Russell Wilson placed a bet on last night’s game, in which the loser of the 49ers-Seahawks game would have to shave their eyebrow off in defeat.

In cased you fell asleep on the game (which had an hour delay due to lightening), the Seahawks beat the 49ers, 29-3. EA Sports put up the video on YouTube last night, shortly after the game, showing Kaepernick shaving off his eye brow, with Russell Wilson in the back watching.

How real this actually is, is debatable. The “shave” happens so fast and both players said a few days ago that the bet wasn’t, “real serious”. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. Kaep is still fine, and it’s just hair. Won’t stop me from looking at him. But it will be a little weird, with an eyebrow missing. At least he wears a helmet most times.

Here’s the EA Sports promoted bet:

Here is the eyebrow shaving:

Yay Or Nay- Kristin Cavallari’s New NFL Line For Women (Video)



If you didn’t know, the Mercedez-Benz New York Fashion Week is in full effect. Reality show star Kristin Cavallari (wife of Bears QB Jay Cutler) debuted her new NFL line for ladies. Cavallari Collaborated with Junk Food Clothing to create this line for football fans, like myself. But would you actually wear any items??

So far, I only saw 2 pieces that caught my eye. Aside from that, I wasn’t overly impressed. But it’s in the beginning stages. Hopefully when the line becomes available, she would have tweaked it a bit.

Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think!


Picture credit from Fashionista.

Week 2 Picks- The NFL Chick Vs. Phife Dawg



ReetavsPhifeHere we are, week 2 of the NFL season and Phife of A Tribe Called Quest and I are tied at 6 games apiece. Picking games within the first 3 weeks in the NFL is about as hard as Geometry to a 50 year old. Sometimes I want to do the color theory (pick who has the better looking colors) but I’m too analytical and knowledgeable for that!

This week, one of us tries to take the lead in our NFL picks for the beginning of the season. We didn’t include the Thursday Night Game because quite frankly, those games are stupid anyway! Here we go:

Rams at Falcons: Reeta- Falcons; Phife- Falcons

Browns at Ravens: Reeta- Champs; Phife- Ravens

Panthers at Bills: Reeta- Panthers; Phife- Bills

Vikings at Bears: Reeta- Vikings; Phife- Bears

Redskins at Packers: Reeta- Packers; Phife- Packers

Titans at Texans: Reeta- Texans;  Phife- Texans (OT: Can we discuss why the hell Vanilla Ice is performing halftime at this game?!?!)

Dolphins at Colts: Reeta- Colts; Phife- Colts

Cowboys at Chiefs: Reeta- Chiefs; Phife- Chiefs

Chargers at Eagles: Reeta- Eagles; Phife- Eagles

Lions at Cardinals: Reeta- Cardinals; Phife- Cardinals

Saints at Bucs: Reeta- Bucs;  Phife- Saints

Broncos at Giants: Reeta- Broncos;  Phife- Broncos

Jaguars at Raiders: Reeta- Raiders; Phife- Raiders

49ers at Seahawks: Reeta- Seahawks;  Phife- 49ers

Steelers at Bengals: Reeta- Bengals;  Phife- Bengals





Week 1 Picks- The NFL Chick vs. Phife Dawg



So here we are, Week 1 of the NFL Season and I couldn’t be any happier (well, aside from the skull dragging my my Ravens received on Thursday night). Which means it’s time to make predictions on wins this weekend.

I’ve teamed up w Phife Dawg from one of my favorite hip hop groups, A Tribe Called Quest, to do this week’s picks. The self titled, “Phifey Musberger” thinks he can out-pick me. We’re about to find out.


Bucaneers at Jets:  Reeta- Bucs; Phife- Bucs

Falcons at Saints:  Reeta- Falcons; Phife- Falcons

Titans at Steelers: Reeta- Steelers; Phife- Steelers

Bengals at Bears: Reeta- Bears; Phife- Bengals 

Seahawks at Panthers: Reeta- Panthers; Phife- Seahawks 

Patriots at Bills: Reeta-  Patriots; Phife- Patriots 

Packers at 49ers: Reeta- 49ers; Phife- 49ers

Cardinals at Rams: Reeta- Cardinals; Phife- Cardinals

Giants at Cowboys: Reeta- Cowboys; Phife- Cowboys

Eagles at Redskins: Reeta- Redskins; Phife- Redskins

Texans at Chargers: Reeta- Texans; Phife- Texans

CoverGirl + The NFL = Nail Art for Female Fans!


On sale starting today at covergirl.com/NFL, the 32 customized COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss bundles, one combination per team, offer all women the chance to wear our heart for the home team on their hands, whether a Raven, 49er, Bronco or Packer. In the meantime, fans can preview the looks on COVERGIRL’s Facebook page.

Just in time for the season’s official kickoff in Denver tonight, COVERGIRL is teaming up with the NFL to offer female game-goers and watchers the chance to express our on-the-field allegiance like never before – via official COVERGIRL NFL “fanicures” inspired by all 32 NFL team logos and colors. For ladies who have ever tailgated or been to an NFL game, we all understand the passion and emotion that goes into being a fan – it’s not just about the competition on the field on game day, but also the rivalries in the stands and at home, with friends, or even around the office water cooler. COVERGIRL is thrilled to team up with the NFL in support of America’s favorite pastime, empowering women with a fun, new way to showcase our team spirit.

As an avid football and a nail lover, this is the perfect collaboration to me! Plus, purple nails are completely awesome! Here’s a look at some of the teams- Ravens, Eagles and Bengals


Colin Cowherd Has A New Football Show!



A couple of weeks ago, I attended ESPN’s Media Day in Bristol, CT, to tour the facility and to meet the personnel and anchors of the “mothership”. To my surprise, I was asked if I wanted to come in a few minutes early for a Q&A session with Colin Cowherd, the controversial yet popular radio host of ESPN Radio’s “The Herd”. As one of his faithful listeners, I was more than happy to be a part of this event.

During the Q&A, Cowherd talked a little more about his new TV show . The title of it? “Colin’s New Football Show”, which premieres this Sunday, September 8th at 9am on ESPN2.

So what can we expect from this show? Well for starters, it’ll be 50% college football and 50% NFL coverage. Cowherd says that he wants to give college football the respect it deserves, mainly because so many people are out on date nights on Saturday and miss a lot of the action that goes on in the NCAA world. Cowherd says he’ll pay homage to Vegas every week, as well as do a Cash/Car segment, where he’ll pick the top 3 NFL games of the week and either bet cash or a car on those games (or his children, he jokingly adds).

When asked about the direction of his new TV endeavor, Cowherd said it wouldn’t look like anything else on the network. ESPN’s version of NBC’s 3rd Rock From The Sun, a quirky sitcom from the 90’s is what he compared it to. “We have a ton of young people, and the one good thing about young people is they’re a little more reckless and willing to try stuff…frankly a lot of [the young people] come to the show drunk”, Cowherd says jokingly. “I told [EVP of Production] John Wildhack … I didn’t want to do blue sports coat and tie, turn and what’s your opinion. I said I’ll do a show, but like Sports Nation, I wanted to break all the rules. I’ll never wear a tie, gonna wear jeans, talk about everything slightly uncomfortable. We’re gonna mock ourselves and other pregame shows… we’re just gonna have fun.”

If you’re looking for a football show that all the other pregame shows are not, Cowherd believes this the show for you. As a fan of all things quirky and outside the box, I’ll be watching for sure!


Other things discussed in the Q&A:

The powerhouse of the NFL- “The NFL Continues to make all of the right moves with marketing, rules and branding. The NFL has brilliantly made it an offensive league.”

Blog sites- “I’m a firm believer in blogs. Blogs have engaging writers and take chances. Blogs have opened the doors for certain topics”

His perception from listeners/viewers that thinks he’s too brash- “I never tell the audience what to think of me. When I talk, how you consume it is up to you”

The launch of Fox Sports 1- “I’m all for the competition. Plus, aren’t there Canadian anchors on the channel?!”

Listen to the Q&A here.

Cowherd Q&A 8/21/2013

Video: The NFL Chick Talks With Tavon Austin


Austin draft

For my 3rd consecutive year, I found my way back in NYC for the 2013 NFL Draft. This year, I had the opportunity to interview a ton of personalities. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Tavon Austin, WR from West Virginia who was picked 8th overall by the St. Louis Rams. Austin, like myself is a Baltimore native, so it was only fitting that I interviewed him on his new found celebrity. We talked about the draft, his inspirations and what his legacy will be like.

Female Football Fenom